Tuesday, February 7, 2012

it feels fresher, no?

ok, friends.
first things first.
the blogsie had a mini facelift.


i fixed the problem that some of you were having with leaving comments.
and i took off that stupid word verification thing.
i'll deal with spam so you don't have to scramble your brains to try and figure out what those stupid made up words are.
you're welcome.
see, i love you!

ok, now back to business.

i did a photoshoot with the twinnies in these little aprons i made...

i call them the "grow with me apron."
they are made big and then safety pinned to be bubble skirts for when your girl is still little.

i'm trying to be all fancy and create my own photoshop editing actions, so i don't have any pictures edited yet.
but it's on the list.

after said photoshoot, auntie a and i went to in'n'out with the girlies.

is it gross that i could eat that almost everyday and not get sick of it?

olivia is chillaxin.

olivia had outpatient surgery this last week.
husband was out of town.
my mom watched stella and it was just livie and i at the children's hospital.

i aged 5 extra years on that day.

my girl is fine.
the procedure was in the diaper covered area and is nothing serious, just a lil' something that needed to get taken care of.

{note to mommies of babies who have surgery: if you feel like the nice nurses are trying to push you out of the hospital room a little too fast and you feel like you should just stay a little longer, listen to yourself! that's why you get paid the big bucks {ha!} and are given the wonderful gift of mother's intuition. it's there for a reason. don't brush it off. had i brushed mine off, i would have had a heart attack when i changed olivia's diaper and found loooooootsa blood. [well maybe not lotsa, but a pinprick is more blood than i want to see come out of my baby, let's be real here.], but the nurse was surprised too and the surgeon came and paid us a visit. she's fine, it's all "normal" but i literally would have lost my freaking marbles.}

so when i wasn't balling my eyes out from the emotional let down, i was laughing at this...

gotta love "handmade ryan gosling"
because it's funny.
luckily my doll making days are on hold.
for now.

and i made myself something.
big news.

i was undecided between ruffle or no ruffle, but i'm 99.9% sure no ruffle. 

look at this little love . . .

when stella snuggles, nothing else matters.
baby girl don't snuggle.
but she does walk.
she toddles.
i cry.
she just started to really walk like last week and is already walking all around when we're at church.
she already is over sitting with her family.
she plays with little boys and sits on people's laps. people she's never even met before.
when did my one year old become such a big girl?
{sorry laura, i know you hate it when i say that, but it's so true. don't even fight me on this one.}

i have also been taming this mess . . .


. . . to this.


i still have more to do.
like hang a lot of stuff.
and actually work, but come on, we all know the most important thing is my new bee ring....

it be crazy.
i know.
but i love it.

but not as much as i love this...

i'm totally guilty for taking pictures during church....but how could i not???


  1. The pic of Livy chillaxin is so fun . . . like, 'what - this is how I roll?' and Stella takin a nap on mommy - I love them!

  2. This face lift is the best face lift I've ever seen.

  3. it *bee* crazy. :) heh. i LOVERS the new blog layout!


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