Friday, January 13, 2012

random friday: take thirty three

we have been loving the sunshine this week...

i found some inspiration paintings on pinterest {above} and couldn't wait to make my own.

the only problem is that i've run out of canvas.

so.....goodbye twinnie painting....

hello, mama painting.

it's still not exactly as i'd like it to be, but it will do for now.
i want to make more!
i told husband that i wanted to go out and buy more canvas and he looked at me like i was nuts.
all i want to do is paint!
so i started doing more granny squares to keep my hands occupied.


oh, my babies.

picture 1: blowing kisses
picture 2: playing peek-a-boo
picture 3: olivia being olivia
picture 4: stella being stella
picture 5: dinner. fresh blueberry pancakes.

i think olivia liked her dinner...


i got some new jeans.

i'm in love with them.
aqua blue AND only $15.50?
yes, please.


they were quiet.
'nuff said.


still life.

{a little present for olivia when she gets her surgery on the 1st.}


i found this little gem on husband's phone the other night.
little 6 month old olivia holding her arm out like this for FIVE MINUTES!

love that little monkey!


etsy orders have picked up a little and i'm SO grateful for it.


bachelor monday night.
auntie a + the twinnies beanie = awesome.

and look what i found on my to do list when i woke up the next morning...

my list got hijacked!
thanks boys.
it make for a good laugh.


this week ashley, sarah and i celebrated angel baby tatum's birthday.
i made the cake and decorations.

vintage fabric bunting banner & a heart balloon for ashley to write on and release to tatum in heaven.

tatum's little sister chloe was busy reorganizing the kitchen drawers...

we love you ashley!

and after splitting the cake with ashley, i ate some the next day for breakfast.
why not?

and i think this little girl likes peanut butter.
what do you think?

i found the perfect 21st birthday cake for auntie a's cousin shannon.

and i also found the largest, scariest bow ever.

and THEN i found sprinkle heaven.

i can't wait to need some and go back and buy some!

happy weekend!


  1. You do know steve is the dirty dog who says you need to sex it up with earl. I totally thought that would have been the work of brad! oh and where is this magical sprinkle store? do share.


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!