Saturday, January 21, 2012

random friday: take thirty four

it was my birthday this week. 
i turned 28.
i feel so old.
i mean, i am old, for me.
i didn't really feel like celebrating, but husband convinced me that a night away in san francisco would be fun.

how can you resist that?
so away we went.

the twinnies got to see their first little outdoor splash pad... 

we had a king sized bed in our hotel and boy was it niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
we only have a queen, so it was lovely having all of that space, especially since STELLA SLEPT WITH US that night.
that's right, i used the caps for yelling emphasis.
the babes never sleep with us.
in the beginning it was the fear of suffocating them.
and we didn't want to start a hard habit to break.
but stella would not stop screaming in the hotel room when it was time to sleep.
poor kid.
she woke up at least 6 times that night screaming.
but i'm getting ahead of myself.
before all of the screaming and fear of cranky hotel guests banging at my door at 3 am, we went to pier 39 and fisherman's wharf.

we even ate in a restaurant.
a sit-down restaurant.
with the twinnies.

that may not sound like a big deal, but it is.
our girls don't really like restaurants for longer than 10 minutes.
they're too dang active!!
BUT they did so well!
i was quite impressed.

little angels.

it was pretty cold and windy, so they were quite bundled up.

olivia's not too sure about that bear.
it's sweater reads, "Lefties Rule!!"
i think they're both lefties.
livie, for sure.
stella likes to keep me guessing, but i think she's a leftie too.

the next day we went to the children's creative museum.
i wanted a place for them to be able to crawl around and get into things.
the chalk was a hit.
the chalkboard, not so much.

don't they look so big?

the birthday girl, acting her age.

they didn't really like the dress-up section all that much...but stella liked trying to eat the hats.



french birthday treats.

shopping on market street.

she has turned into such a happy, happy baby.
she was like this the whole trip.
d r e a m  baby.

my handsome man.

...more birthday treats.

and more birthday treats waiting for us when we got home.
thanks steve and sarah!


every day i am amazed at how big my girls are getting.
olivia sings and dances  to music.
she claps and waves allllll the time.
she can eat blueberries like it's nobody's business.

stella is walking, calling me "mama" {kinda} and tries to climb onto everything.
it's amazing and sad.
i love the little people they are becoming and i miss the little cooing babies they used to be.
it's such a trip.
SUCH a trip!!


  1. from your pics it looks like it was a lot of fun at the children's museum! :) & now you know why june sleeps with us sometimes- if you're up multiple times in the middle of the night, your tired self does whatever it can to get closer to sleep!

  2. What a fun weekend! :] The girls are adorable and I LOVE your mintish colored pants!! So cute!


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