Sunday, January 8, 2012

random friday: sunday edition {i know, i messed up again}

life has happened.
my friday post took a little longer than i thought it would....
for some reason my iphoto wasn't showing my newly imported photos.
but all is well now.
back to your regularly scheduled programming....

my littles LOVE the piano.
olivia has a finesse to it.

little stella's hair is growing SO fast.
she must take after me in that department.
she can now where a clip without a headband!

after much research and debating, i ordered their new car seats.
they LOVE them.

i mean, can't you tell?!


i made a bag.
it's totally cute, so i gave it to my bestie's totally cute cuzzy. 

we got rid of our cable.
it was a sad, sad day.
but i couldn't justify paying that much for tv.
so i got a subscription to hulu plus and brought the wii into our bedroom so i can watch netflix stuff on it.
AND play super mario, of course.


remember recipe cards?
i'm determined to write more down and put them in this little treasure.

i bet it will even make the recipes taste better.


on my last post i talked about mine and the hubby's hot new years eve date.
and here are the pictures to prove it.....

i curled my hair!!
{to those that know me, it is a rare occurrence because my hair does not hold curl longer than 45 minutes!}

oh, how i love sushi.

and i ate ALL of that.
plus some of hubby's food.
it was so. good.
uninterrupted eating time?
i'm down for that!

after dinner we went to our friends steve and sarah's house.
with babies and busy work schedules, our little group doesn't get together as much as we used to.
and maybe the boys had a little too much sugar {?} or something?
these next two pictures can't even be explained.




my dad had these bracelets made for the girls in pakistan.

they are still a little big, but they can wear them now!

they rock their accessories like champs.


big car seat for such a little girl....

i really wanted to keep the girls rear facing for like 4 more years, but with the way our two seat back seat is {weird, i know}, it was impossible.


it's bachelor time.
it's yummy, comfort food time!


now for the really randoms...

lots of elastic.

we have a basket climber.

thing 1 and thing 2.

he loves to wait for their scraps.
i love it that he helps out.

sometimes coloring is so therapeutic.

twice in one week.

that NEVER happens.

teen mom 2.

my costco buddies.

one of my latest projects.

this entertained them for 20 minutes.
oh yeah.

the twins HATE the vacuum.
poor babies.
they cry and scream bloody murder.

so tragic, right?

well at least she likes the balloon.

livie, not so much.


the difference between what daddy gives the girls for breakfast.....

....and what i give the girls.


liv and i were twins at church!

and liv enjoyed some one on one daddy time...

these girls love to eat.
last night they had fresh blueberry pancakes and bananas.
{i feel like i need to explain that there are not bruises all over my babies!}

they are quite the messiest eaters!
and liv has four top teeth coming in at once.
it's been a loooooooooong day today.
and it's going to be an even longer tomorrow!
: /


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  1. Your girls are absolutely adorable! And I love your curled hair! My hair is the same though--it only stays curled for about thirty minutes so I rarely ever do it. Also, I'm in LOVE with your polka dotted tights! I hope you are having a wonderful week!


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