Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello, 2012

happy new year!

we had a great new year's eve night out!
my parents babysat, the hubs and i went out to sushi and then over to our friends' house for their annual new years party.
it's hard to believe that exactly 9 years ago the duke and i became boyfriend/girlfriend.
and exactly 8 years ago we became engaged!
we're getting old!

this last year has been so amazing.
motherhood is wonderful and challenging at the same time.
these two little monkeys have brought more joy and happiness into this home than i ever thought possible!

i've never really been one for resolutions, but i'm going to do it this year.

 : : : i want to take a picture a day. and not just an iphone picture, a real picture on my real camera. i am going to master all of those crazy settings! : : :

: : : i want to sew more clothes. like dresses and pants and stuff. real clothes. and i want to make stuff for me for once! : : :

: : : i want to study the scriptures more. : : :

: : : i want to be a better journal writer : : :

 : : : i want to find a better balance in my life. : : :

: : : i want to keep my house cleaner {that's part of the balance} and try and get dressed everyday {oh and that is too.} : : :

: : : i want to get rid of clothes and just STUFF that i keep hanging onto. this little dollhouse of a house lacks some good storage. so rather than fight it, i just need to have less stuff. : : :

so that's a lot.
i just want to improve myself a little bit.
that's not so bad, right?

oh and i want to keep doing the monthly photoshoots of the girls. those are some of my favorite pictures to look at. now, what to do for january? hmmm.....

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  1. I hope you continue the super cute photo shoots for the girls. I wish I was that creative! I especially loved the fruit loop one!


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