Friday, December 9, 2011

wanna see a christmas miracle?

 no random friday today.
one of my bloggy friends has something REALLY amazing going on on her blog.
she is facilitating christmas miracles all over the world.

ok, here's the back story.

modg {amanda} posted a pic of her son's first birthday party.
it was catered.
it was at a location.
there was a photographer, whatever.
someone wrote a comment about how she needs to "own" the fact that she isn't a poor 
stay-at-home mom that she "claims" to be because she can afford to throw a party like that.
{what is it with people going nuts over first birthday parties??!}
so amanda wrote a post in response cause she was pissed off.
well, in that post, people starting baring their souls and telling their heartbreaking money woes.
amanda's cold, little heart shattered.
so she helped one of these commenters.
then other readers started offering help to other commenters.
and then it snowballed.
now, there are 749 comments from ONE post.
{UPDATE: at 9:50 pm there are 1007 comments!!!}

there are so many that just need clothes for their little ones.
or toys to put under the christmas tree.
some need money, some need jobs.
the needs are great and small, but if you can help out, help out!
i did. and it really is better to give than to receive.

in other news,
olivia is a cake smash finalist in a cake smashing contest.

if you feel like voting 
{and seeing her amazingly hilarious contenders!}

happy friday!

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