Sunday, December 4, 2011

stella and olivia's pink and teal winter wonderland first birthday party




it was such a wonderful day.
the girls were surrounded by {most} of the people who love them and that's all i really wanted for their birthday.
our little dollhouse of a house held over 40 people!
{and for those that know my house, you know that's a lot!!}

a big birthday shout out to my momma who was like a slave and helped SO much for the party. she and i made all of the food, so we were very busy!
a big thank you to lala and sarah who helped with babysitting and macaron mastering!
and a final thank you to everyone who showed up and celebrated our twinnies special day with us!
i'm glad so many go to see olivia go to town at her second cake smash!!
{her amazing first attempt can be seen here}

: : : here are the deets for all the stuff i made for the party! : : :

: : : the birthday invitation : : : i designed it in photoshop. i am currently selling it in my etsy shop. i hot glued candles that were tied with bakers twine onto the "1" on the invitation. bakers twine purchased here.

: : : the front door wreath : : :  i took two wire clothes hangers and bent them into half circles, then twisted them together. {i realize this would have been much easier had i had a very large wreath form, but i didn't and i wasn't about to make ANOTHER TRIP out to get supplies. i improvised.} then i took some white ribbon and tied a very thick and fluffy white boa around it. for the "1" i drew out a "1" on cardboard, cut it out, spray painted it and sprinkled glitter onto it while it was still wet. i did the same thing for the "1" in the spray painted ikea ung drill picture frame that hung above the dining room table.

: : : "stella and olivia's 1st year banner" : : : i designed it in photoshop. i'll be posting it for sale in my etsy shop soon.

: : : snowflake frames on their 1st year wall : : : i designed it in photoshop. i'll be posting it for sale in my etsy shop soon.

: : : dining room chandelier : : : i made it using this tutorial. upside: you make a rad chandelier for like $12. downside: it takes a million hours to make.

: : : fabric strip banners : : : i used this tutorial from ashley ann's blog. i bought a few $5 twin flat sheets from walmart.

: : : bow garlands : : : i used this tutorial. i made it easier and faster by hot gluing the centers {instead of hand sewing} and by joining the bows with safety pins {instead on hand sewing them} so i can switch them out for a different configuration for a future use.

: : : scalloped bunting banner : : : i used my pattern that i sell in my etsy shop. i used vintage sheets and bias tape. it's so easy to make and i have used mine at least 5 different times. i sell pre-made ones here.

: : : smash cake pedestals : : : i used this tutorial...kinda. i just used gorilla glue and i didn't have a clamp so i just put a paint can on top of it. again, i improvised. ;)

: : : party punch : : : i made it using this tutorial. i used strawberries instead of raspberries and it was still fantastic. if you ever make this, make sure you have enough to make two goes fast!!

 : : : straws : : : i bought pink and aqua ones here. hide your credit card before you go to her site, you'll want to buy everything! ;)

: : : pom pom garland : : : i used this pom pom maker. if you ever make these, make sure you double your yarn, it will be twice as fast. :)

i think i've covered it all. if you have any questions, just let me know!


  1. oh my goodness. this is absolutely beautiful.

    your girls are going to have the best birthday parties.

  2. where are pics of LaLa and Deej??? and i LOVE the pic of Livie looking at her Grandpa eating HEEERRRRRR cake!! LOL. I love the pic of Stella happy with cake-face. Wish we could have been there!!! XO

  3. What an amazing party! You have skills!! :) And your girls are absolutely adorable!

  4. The blue font at the bottom of the invitations you designed looks like it doesn't belong. If it's something you're trying to sell (and honestly I don't know why, seeing as how it's the easiest thing to make on the computer) I'd try and pick a font and colour that is more cohesive with the design. Right now it just looks like you made it on Picnik.

    You're trying way too hard. This is a ridiculous party for 1 year olds. Does anyone really care about their first preemie diapers besides you and your husband? Come on.

  5. Erin, I think what you do is absolutely lovely. Who cares if "Anonymous" doesn't like it, they are anonymous after all:) Your girls are gorgeous and so is all the stuff you do with them! Keep it up! There are many people who could never do what you do. You are very talented!

  6. WOW! Everything is beautiful! Savannah's party was nearly as beautiful as your girls! I guess I'm just not nearly as creative as you are!!!

  7. jordan elizabeth - thank you! that's so sweet.

    sissy - i'm bummed i didn't get any pics of them! i didn't get any pics of a LOT of people. :( next time i'll need to plan for a designated picture person!

    emma frances - thank you! you're too sweet.

    anonymous - i'm not going to even respond to the unnecessary and mean things you said.

    aly - thank you! and i love your calendar pics every month. ;)

    amber v - thank you so much! creativity is a blessing and a curse sometimes! haha. ;)

  8. I'm in awe of your talent, Erin! Who needs an excuse to throw a fun party, and what better excuse then your kiddos' birthday?? I'm totally going to have a 1 year old party for Lydia. And the only reason it won't be as extravagant as your's is that I don't have the willpower to be that wonderfully creative :)

  9. Oh wow.... I can't believe I JUST saw this! Andrea showed me as we were planning my LO's 1st birthday (it's tomorrow). I LOVE everything you did... it's so absolutely amazing.

    1 Question for you - what kind of Paint did you use for the girl's painting? I'm going to try to do something similar with LO tomorrow. It doesn't look like tempera.... or is it?


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