Monday, December 19, 2011

slipcover your granny

back when i was pregnant with the twins, i bought this glider for the nursery.

it was originally pink and i spray painted it white and bought new foam for the bottom cushion.
when we bought it {off of cl} i remember seeing it and saying, "ok! let's get it!"  
then duke reminded me to sit in it first.
i sat in it for like 2 seconds and repeated, "ok! let's get it!"
i was very pregnant and uncomfortable no matter where i sat, so how was i supposed to know this chair wasn't built for comfort?

for me, it's all wrong.
there's never enough lumbar support, for one.
and two, it's quite narrow with hard, wooden arms that no baby wants to rest on.

so, one night i was in that glider for a couple of hours. 
that doesn't really happen that often here, i am blessed with very good sleepers that don't really need any assistance in falling asleep.
so back to that night.
i rocked livie twice and stella once, WHICH NEVER HAPPENS!
when i heard stella's cries, i was at a complete loss because she NEVER wakes up in the middle of the night.
with livie, i know all of the tricks to get her happy and sleep again.
i'm a novice when it comes to stella tricks.
so i tried rocking her and as soon as i got her to sleep, olivia woke up. back in the glider.
as i was rocking her to sleep, i had these images flash in my mind of YEARS of sickness and having to do this for hours.
then i couldn't even fathom having to go through all of that with that glider.
so i searched and searched and searched for a new one.

then i found this on craigslist for $20.

so much potential.

so i made a slipcover for it...
(i thought about reupholstering it, but i lack the time and the funds for the fabric i would REALLY want!)

and what rocker would be complete without ruffles?


livie loves it.
stella does too, but olivia is in it with me the most...
or just by herself...

i love a quick weekend project, don't you?

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