Friday, December 2, 2011

random friday: take thirty one

exactly two years ago, i was here...

doing this...

mmmmm, paul.
so good.
i could have eaten that everyday, for every meal and been happy.

so here is something kinda crazylike.

when we got to paris, we checked into our hotel and went straight to the louvre.
there is a triumphal arch right in front of it.
while i was taking pictures of the arch, there were these two little girls running around.
they were SO freaking cute.
i was kinda taken aback by them.
i wanted to take a picture of them, but didn't want to be a creeper.
so this is the blurriness of what i got...

two little twinnies.
wait a second....i have two twinnies in leopard!

those two pictures are a year apart.
and call me nutso but those little parisian twinnies look like my twinnies. and how they will probably look in three years.
livie in the front and stella in the back?!
look again.

it looks like the one in front has fairer skin THAN THE BROWN ONE IN THE BACK!
{yup, i'm YELLING!}

yes, yes, yes, it's totally crazy.

but what will be even crazier is if i find those jackets in three years.

crazy twinniness aside, i miss paris.

and i've decided i'm going to get really good at making these:

starting tomorrow.
woot, woot.


so this last week the girls had some fun with their grandparents...

looked WAY too big in a little chair...

  made their first piece of art...

and dumped a huge ziploc bag of ritz crackers all over the floor.
{then proceeded to make approximately 1 million crumbs out of said crackers.}

they fell in love with the christmas tree...

liv and i went to the doctor...

and olivia decided to eat her stroller...
{the girl loves to eat.}

as far as moi, i couldn't find the right tights to wear....

i went out ON A DATE WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!
{that like, never happens!}

we saw some funny window dancers....

i crossed pre-party projects off my list... 
{their wall of "firsts"!}

i finally finished the chandelier.

and then i found this.

baby or dog?
whose to blame?


who decided to give joy behar a tv show?
and why is FRIENDS on nickelodeon?
that's okay for littles to watch?
umm, no.

tv sucks.


the twinnies party is tomorrow.
i have LOTS to do.
i'm making all of the food.
and dessert.
but i don't care, it will be fabulous!
my little twinnies are ONE!

and remember how much olivia loved her smash cake at her photoshoot?
here is the video.

and more proof that i'm hilarious...

happy twinnie birthday weekend!


  1. I love that painting idea! I might have to steal that one :)

  2. That cake smash photoshoot is so cute!! :] What a fun idea! And that picture of the twins in Paris and your twins is awesome!! How fun!!

  3. i need to commission the twinnies to do a painting for us!!!


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