Sunday, December 25, 2011

random friday: monday edition

stella and olivia's friend kolbie had her first birthday.
it was such a fun little party!
livie just loved her little chair!

olivia and grammy

we all know this girl loves her cake!

as does her sissy!

 the twinnies enjoying spinning in the "new" chair...

taking pictures in church....ooops, guilty....

my bestie had her birthday!

and shanny and i took a picture...

i found the most amazing pita chips at the grocery store...

i did this...

to make this...

i also made some amazing cheesy artichoke dip.

...and then ate a lot of it.

....and then finished it by that night.
that's not healthy.
eh, it's the holidays, right?.

the twinnies got sick.
you wouldn't be able to tell by these pictures, but they were.


i can't wait to make them dresses from this vintage pattern.
poofy and short?

i'm finally finishing stella's baby blanket.
grammy has helped a LOT.
thanks, grammy!

everything is better by candlelight, even showers!

ya think we're all packed and ready to go spend christmas with family?

i miss france.

my little thing 2...

the twinnies little home away from home.

eating some yummy eggs...
{i'm still surprised they can fit in their bumbos!}

on friday ohdeedoh featured a little birthday shout out to the twinnies...

olivia and i swung on the park swings.

can you tell she was happy?
pure joy on that face!

stella still needs a little convincing to like the swings....

i am going to recreate this tent from the movie the holiday.

i already know how i'm going to construct it, i just need to gather the supplies.
lots and lots of pretty sheets!

i loved stella's little christmas outfit.
and she loved to empty out my diaper bag!

"hey sissy, whatcha got there?"

i tried entertaining them with "the very busy spider"...
good thing those books aren't very long!

i just bought their new car seats.
they're growing up.

...still working on the blanket...

...and i just got our family pictures back from the photographer!
i'm in love with them.
stay tuned.

oh, like the blog's new look?

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