Monday, November 7, 2011

something beautiful just happened... best friend amanda got married!

we took the twins to the beach before the rehearsal dinner.
it was SO windy.
and kinda cold.

livie's sandy feet.

miss stella and i.

this is the first time stella's little feet have touched the ocean.
she was not a fan.
hopefully next time will be better!

miss olivia and her daddy.

 livie's ocean feet.

after the beach, we went to the wedding rehearsal.
here is my darling flower girl and the groom, uncle j

i didn't get anymore pictures of the evening.
the girls were a little fussy.
and freezing cold.
and i ran out of hands.
oh yeah, and i was sick.
like FLU sick.
the night before the wedding.
body aches, sore throat, chills, runny nose and hot flashes.

so while husband was bringing me gatorade, dayquil and tissues, the girls were getting ready for bed by watching tangled.

how freaking cute are they?
i love them so.

after a VERY long night, we got up and i went to the salon to get ready with the wedding party.
how cute is amanda's jacket?!

while amanda was getting her hair done, i grabbed her dress and stitched in the date on her dress.

here is olivia and amanda's beautiful cousin {and fellow bridesmaid}, shannon.

this was taken right before i probably made amanda's hairdresser SO pissed.
{she's the blonde in the background}
we were deciding where to put amanda's veil and i just stuck it in.
the hairdresser's eyes just got all BIG.
like, "OMG this girl just walks in and messed up my up-do."
but that's where the veil stayed.

the most beautiful bride ever.
i already cried like twice at this point and i cried even more up at the altar in front of 200 people.

the beautiful bride and i.

love, love, LOVE the barn where the reception was held.

it was FREEZING cold!

i was too busy dancing and getting low to take pictures.
and the girls left right at the beginning of the reception, so i didn't get any pictures of them in their dresses. 
BUT, the photographer did, i was sure of that.
so we'll just have to wait and to see those :)

the mister and i had some fun at the photobooth...

and i had quite the bedhead the next day.

on the way home we saw some beautiful california hills...

...and some scary art in a little shop.

 it was such a fun weekend.
but boy, was it a LOT of work!
traveling with babies is hard enough, but combine that with a wedding that you're all in AND frigid temperatures AND colds and it's just not easy.
so, so, SO worth it, but not easy.
it was such a fun, beautiful night.
i love you, mr. and mrs, wilson.
we're SO happy for you!

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