Thursday, November 24, 2011

random friday: take thirty!

my girls are growing up.
they will be one next week.
i'm trying to not be sad about it.

i just keep flipping to this page in my new planner.
and reread it like a mantra.

they are growing up into little people EVERYDAY!

they are the best gifts i could have ever been given.
i'm so thankful to my heavenly father for giving me them.
and i'm thankful they have each other.
watching them play and interact together is almost magical.
how lucky are they to be twins?!
so, so lucky.
and i {we} are so, so lucky to have them in our lives.


livie tried on a coat for the first time.

she {obviously} didn't really know what to think of it.
this was post-cry, of course.


this dude has the LIFE!


as part of livie's skin-tag-healing-so-she-doesn't-have-to-have-surgery-therapy {i bet she'll still have to get it though, sad face} the girls get two baths a day.
the doctor wants olivia to have four, but two is what i can manage.
it's a good thing they like it!
my little duckies.

{i smile EVERYTIME i see the photo below}

olivia is smiling at her grammy {my mom} that is peeking in and out of the doorway.
she loves her grammy.
she even brought out her flirty crazy eyes for grammy.

and see her top teeth gap?!
but i loooooooooooooove it.


i really wish clothes would put themselves away.


i was walking around last week and saw this dress in a window:

LOVE it!
now if only i had a place to where this....then the money to buy it. hahaha.


i adore these girls.

they are always SO happy when i go and get them after their nap.

could they look more different?!


miss olivia and i had some one on one time when i took her to a doctor's appointment.

it's so easy with just one!
it was nice to spend some good, quality time with one of my little girls.
we went to starbucks and shared a pumpkin muffin.
she  l o v e d  it.
and i invented a new drink.

peppermint hot chocolate with a shot of gingerbread syrup.

i think i need one right now.


i was looking around old photos and found this one of little 5 month-old stella:
maybe even four months?
she just had shots cause she has spiderman band-aids on her thighs.
ah. how i love that baby.
who will be one in  f i v e  days.


my nightstand.

what's on yours?


a few of us girls met up to see breaking dawn.
natalie and i showed up like this.

matching mustard yellow sweaters.
matching boots and boot socks.
matching grey.
and matching louis.

too funny.


the twinnies birthday party is coming up.
the hubs helped tie little bows on the candles glued onto their invitations.
while watching football, of course.


this little girl is pulling christmas ornaments off like it's no one's business.

she's 30 inches tall and can reach like 3 feet, i swear.


they light up my life.


i have some major sewing to do to turn these scallops into banners.


i made my green beans for thanksgiving.
mama don't mess.

one whole package of bacon, two onions, three tomatoes and three pounds of fresh green beans.


i learned to crochet granny squares.

and i need to make more, so i'm gonna go.
but not before you see the two sneak peeks i got from our photo session with stephanie.
she is so gifted.

i hope there are some good ones of their outfits because i made EVERYTHING!
{except for the shoes :)}

happy black friday!

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