Sunday, November 6, 2011

halloween is so much more fun with kids

this year the twins were birds.
stella was a pheasant and olivia was a peacock.
i made their costumes with fabric, felt and hot glue.
i didn't feel like sewing.
and the tutus are just tulle tied around elastic waistbands.
the headbands were a little more tricky...but just more fabric, glue, feathers and elastic.
all of it easy, just time consuming.
now i need to brainstorm for next year!!

get ready for picture overload.

we all had so much fun at our ward's halloween party friday night.

on saturday we got the girls dressed up again for hubby's work's lunch out at the park.

my sweet girls.


olivia is our nature baby.
she loved being out on the grass and the dirt.
she was picking up leaves and trying to eat them...her sister on the other hand...not so much.

most of the pictures of stella are of her back because she was crying most of the time.
she doesn't like grass.
or dirt.
and she is probably holding that little leaf in disgust.

our little family.

we didn't go trick or treating monday night because the girls asleep kinda early and come on, do we really need more candy in this house?!
{and i totally was that teenager that judged parents that took their 6 month old trick or treating. i mean, really?!}

happy halloween!


  1. i love that Stella's tights are speckled. and Livie's are to DIE for!!!

  2. this year is going to be most interesting, as you will be popping with #3 - oh my. Still love this post as I do all the others. SistaBlosch and I appreciate the posts soooooooo much!

  3. Was there a tutorial you followed to make the wings? I want to make them for my 10 month old girl, and Im not as naturally crafty as you are **sniff sniff** :)


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