Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cake s m a s h !

in one week my twinnies are turning O N E !
so bittersweet.

i did a cake smash photo session with the girls this afternoon.
it turned out better than i had imagined!
{and i'm sorry about being MIA...party preparations are in full swing!!}

my sweet, dainty stella.
we had to encourage her to get her hands dirty with cake.

{i  l o v e  this picture of olivia so much. she got so tired of eating so much cake, she just laid down on it and kept eating. sigh. i love that girl so much.}

the aftermath.

it was worth every second of work and preparation.
and luckily my mom, best friend and husband were there to help and laugh alongside me as i shot these photographs.

it was a great day.

oh! and head on over to ask the duplex for a chance to win a $25 credit to the shop!


  1. ROTFL!!!!! Livie laying in the cake!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! omg that was awesome!


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