Sunday, October 9, 2011

we're ALL ready for halloween...

i mean, can't you tell?

this was NOT easy.
they were mad.
but you ccccaaaannn'tttt ttttteeeeellllll!

i have been doing photo shoots for the girls every month.
above is month 10.

and below is month 9.

my goal was to do this for the first year....but what if i kept doing it?

i have been scouring the internet for inspiration to keep the momentum going.
when they get a little older, a cookies and milk one would be cute.
and an alice in wonderland inspired one...
and a bookish back to school one...
and an underwater one...
and a county fair one...
and a balloon one...
and a cupcake one...
and a beach one...
and a....

the possibilities are endless.
have any ideas to add?

now, i don't want any of these to look like the typical studio portraits.
or a chair in a field.
or a blanket on the grass...this is where we can go wild!

now i just need to compile a list and plan.
cause if i have a plan, it will be harder to not do it!

ugh. am i totally biting off more than i can chew?
off to scour and search and drive myself crazy...


  1. you should dress them up as celebrities... like Diana Ross. :)

  2. Oh my gosh...the pumpkin butt picture are the cutest thing ever!!! Ha ha.

  3. OMG! What I'd do to get a cute little pumpkin-bum shot of my LO! LOL - Love it!! hahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. awww!!! so surprised to see stella not be 100% thrilled to be in a bowl of sugary goodness!!!

    1. cooking like mom ala cookbooks, measuring cups, egg shells and covered in flour!!!
    2. one with bubbles
    3. cowgirl's
    4. clowns (Bunny will freak out but it would be fun!!)
    5. cupids for Valentines day :)
    6. nurses with one of those cute dr kits
    7. finger painting
    8. a police officer one??
    9. a Lady and the Tramp theme ala spaghetti and meatballs
    10. Pocahantas!!!


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!