Wednesday, October 5, 2011

random questions...

so my dear, sweet olivia is having a little sleeping issue.
for the past week she has been waking up around 10pm SCREAMING.
like she's being eaten alive or something.


i usually rock her back to sleep and she's out for the rest of the night and everything's fine.
but w h y?
why does she do this?
and every night at the same time??
do babies even get night terrors?
what the heck?
y'all are smart, help a mama out!

oh, and another thing.
how do i keep my bank account from shrinking?
like seriously?
this whole stay-at-home thing is NOT cheap.
it's been almost a year since i stopped "working" {the traditional work} and i need to make my husband's our money stop disappearing.
i know a lot of you have some super duper smart ways of saving.
care to share?
i don't buy anything without a coupon {pretty much, it's kinda crazy}, but what else?

i've done well at sending the husband to target {hahaha} and NOT online shopping.
so now i'm not buying anything.
it's great.
but not enough.
and i really don't want to go to work.
the traditional way, at least.

oh and THANK YOU to everyone that supports my little shop.
you are fantastic.
it helps a LOT.


  1. Not sure about the night terror issue- my two have just started sleeping through then night!

    The money issue is becoming an issue for me too. I have been on mat leave for 7 months and our money is also disappearing before our eyes. I have started no spend month (this month) where I am keeping track and only spending on essentials- hope I can keep it up until the end of the month.
    Can you make more stuff for your etsy shop? Not sure when you would have the time but I really loved the elastic hairbands I bought recently from you. It has inspired me to make pretty little flowers to clip on to them- I only get about 35 seconds to myself a day so it is very slow going ;)

  2. I need to help your Etsy shop by buying a couple blankets for my twins; however, I tried to email you, and your email failed. Help me!


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