Friday, October 7, 2011

random friday: take twenty six!

first off, i'd like to thank the ladies that gave me their two cents on olivia's screaming freak outs.

t h a n k  y o u.

she doesn't have night tremors
{omg thank GOODNESS. i looked it all up on and freaked myself out.
it's like your baby turns into a zombie!
kudos to you mama's that have dealt with that. 
mommies are rockstars, i tell ya.}
just nightmares?
or separation anxiety?

either or, i don't really care, i just want to be there for her.
the twins have never really been cuddly babies {much to my dismay} and her little fits give us some cuddly one-on-one time that i can't get enough of.
she actually lets me rock her and cuddle her to sleep.
i'm in mommy heaven.
they're only so little for so long and i try to drink up every moment i can.
like i always want to hold them and be like 4 inches away from them.
i can't help it, they're my besties.
before i know it they'll be all, "ugh, mom. go away, WE'RE playing. ta-ta mama!"

AND to the ladies that gave me some helpful hints to saving some dough {or helping me make it. WINK ;)}.

t h a n k  y o u.


so you've heard me talk about pinterest.
i even have a "follow me on pinterest" button up at the top {on the left}.
for a crafty person like me, it's amazing.
it saves me the time of having to google something...i usually can find a super good tutorial or whatever on pinterest.
here's me:

my boards are my happy place.
full of possibilities....
i mean, who knew that kool-aid is perfect for dying easter eggs and making play-doh?!
that's the kind of stuff you find on pinterest.
a m a z i n g.


i bought tons of wax paper for the chandelier....

and got started!

only this front side is done, i have to do the back now.
this is what two rolls of wax paper looks like.


it's starting feel like fall.
i couldn't be more excited!
time for my favorite mug to be filled with hot chocolate.

and in honor of the cooler weather, i've been able to get some major progress done on the knitted cowl/infinity scarf.


i love bundling them up!

it's WAY more fun than summer clothes.
{at least right now it is!}


i made pasta the other night and wanted to add some garlic...about two cloves...

crazy steroid garlic!
it was good though.


a while ago our local quilt shop was featuring a coupon on
pay $15 for a $30 gift certificate.
i bought 3, the maximum.
you can only use one at a time, so i have to keep going back.
this is trip #2....

i will be making this quilt:

using this tutorial.

but first i have to finish this quilt:

that i am also making for myself.
looks like i have a lot of sewing to do in addition to the shop!


olivia and stella love to bang on my laptop.
i don't love it so much, so i pulled out my old macbook for them to play on.

she totally loved it.
we're sad steve jobs passed away, being major apple fans with a collective macbook pro, macbook {times two}, mac mini, ipod touch, ipod video, ipod, ipod shuffle and two iphones over the years.
rip steve jobs!
even our babies love your work :)

and what's that in stella's hand??
her new favorite thing....

the doorstop!
she's been playing with them for a while, but this was their first joint effort.
mischief makers!


this girl officially has two teeth.

and this girl doesn't show any signs of getting ANY anytime soon.

which is okay because her little gums can smash grilled cheese like no ones business.


olivia pulled herself up to stand for the first time this week.
of course it freaked her out {she's so sensitive! :)} but looked so proud of herself after i cheered her on.


auntie a and her mommy bought the twins these outfits and gave them to me at my baby shower exactly one year ago today.

one is pink and one is brown.
they're size 0-3 months.
that's my 10 month old in it.
clearly the sizing is a little off.


here auntie a and i are one year ago today at my very warm baby shower:

i was around 30 weeks here:

and in the same outfit {it was comfy! and one of the few things that fit...} 3 days before i had the twins...almost 7 weeks later...

so crazy.
notice how much looser the belt is?
i bought that dress for my city college graduation.
i added lace to the bottom to make it a little longer.
good thing i did!
it was a great pregnancy dress.
forever 21, you almost never do me wrong :)
my life has changed to much in the last year and i can honestly say it's been the best year of my life.
i love my babies to much it's ridiculous.
{and you too babe!}

happy friday!!!

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  1. between banging on the laptop and pulling off the door stop; those 2 are like a couple of little monkey's!!! so fun! i love the pic of Livie in the pink outfit...her face is changing so much!


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