Friday, October 21, 2011

random friday: take twenty seven

there wasn't a random friday last week because i went to a
bachelorette party
 for the whole weekend.


 i was a lil' freaked out to leave my twinnies, i'm not gonna lie.
{not because i was nervous about leaving them with husband, i was freaked about how badly i was going to miss them.}

it was SO much fun.
wanna see some pictures?!

i made some cake in a jar.

i think my mixer was a little full.

i evenly divided the batter into 8 bowls and added gel food coloring to make a rainbow!
then i individually piped the colors in layer by layer with a piping bag.

then i put them in the oven for 35 minutes.
and then i forgot to take a picture.
the fill the jar but don't overflow.
if you make these, only fill them HALF FULL.
and the next time i do these i won't make EIGHT colors.
they kinda blend together more when baked, so all of that extra work with tons of colors isn't that apparent.
4 colors would be perfect.
and use wide-mouthed jars.

ok, so we drove to cayucos.

and got to the beach house...

and watched the sunset...

the beach was literally a 2 minute walk.
if that.
i want to live in that house.
3 stories? next to the beach? yes, please.

then everyone got to the house and the fun began.

apparently shannon never paid attention to her updates...

we played silly games...

and visited the gum alley in san luis obispo...

had some lunch...
{hi, chelsey!}

and went to see footloose.

then we went back to the house and got ready for our night out.

our transportation for the evening...

it was.

this is obviously before the dance party began...
{hi, whitty!}

some other pictures just aren't meant to be seen...
it was a FUN night.

the next day we got ready to leave and went out for breakfast.
we ran into a little antique fair and i tried to convince shannon to buy this black swan mask...

the beautiful bride and i.

we've been friends for 6 years and these three pictures have doubled our total pictures together.

going home...

it was a blast.
it was hard to be away from the twins and i'm sure i was talking about them way too much and driving the girls crazy.
but what's a mommy supposed to do?
they are my world.


we had a doctor's appointment that monday.
it's not easy taking two babies into a little office.
no double stroller for me!
i carried stella in the bjorn and put olivia in the bugaboo.
doesn't she look like such a BIG GIRL?!


so i just read this blog post about how your life has changed since having a baby. 
{two babies in my case}
and it made me think of my prepartum {ya, i just made that up} brain.
and all of the funny things i used to think.

for example:

i used to look at my friends' facebook pages and it was very clear who the mommies were: their profile pictures were not of them, they were of their kids.
and like aaaallllllllllllllllllll of their pictures were of their kids.
or them WITH their kids.
and like one family photo giving proof that there is a father and husband.
then i had babies and realized it accidentally happened to me.

{i JUST changed my profile picture from the twins to amanda and i.}

i never knew there was such a thing as stroller envy.
and i never understood how it could even be necessary to need more than one kind.
then i had babies and now i totally get it.

{we currently have four.}

when i would babysit, i would see tables, highchairs, walls, banisters, etc. with a sticky grime.
"dude, can't that mom just keep her house clean?"
then i had babies and realized that you DID just clean all of those things like an hour ago and they're dirty. AGAIN.

{luckily the only thing that gets a grime on it right now are the highchairs and that's why i got the all plastic ones. boom. done.}

i was TOTALLY oblivious to the reason of the fussy babies at church.
{and our sunday meetings are three hours long. THREE.}
"give him/her a bottle. or paci. or rock 'em to sleep. come on!"
then i had babies who couldn't {and wouldn't} sleep at church. 
not in their car seats, not in my arms, not in one of their four strollers.


the twins don't like the chicken i make them.
i wouldn't either, it's pureed.
so i made them chicken sandwiches with butter and mayo and seasonings {dr. said it was ok} and they loooooooooved it.

but they make SUCH a mess!
good thing we have a dog.


olivia's new favorite thing is to knock over these blocks.
they're soft and squishy and i love them too.

the weather is now cooling off in the afternoons so i've been taking the girls on walks on the trail behind our house.

how cool would it be to have a backyard like this?

i love their 20 little toes.

i made the pants stella is wearing.
{they meet her ankles, they are just scrunched up in the picture}
i'm so over pink/purple/brown/lime green pants that are for sale everywhere.
i like baby gap ones, but even $11 on sale is too much for me.
then multiply that times two.
that's why i sew.
plus i love it and i can get exactly what i want.
and i can make them fit the girls perfectly.

i made this little tunic last night.
i bought the pattern online and shortened it by at least 6 inches to make it easier for the girls two crawl in.

it reaches livie's knees.
so i just need to make it shorter and not so wide.
and make like 20 more.
i need to make some with long sleeves.
{good thing i have a big fabric stash!}


look at this little DOLL BABY i made an announcement for last night...
{she lives in australia}

she's so adorable.
almost makes me miss those days.
then i remember sleeping 4 hours a day.
for weeks.
yeah, no thanks, not ready yet!


i've caught up on ALL of my etsy orders and they will go out today.
i'm very happy about that.
i like people to get their stuff quickly.
and i like feeling free.
but now i have to catch up on husband's sewing projects.
when my knits come in next week i'm going to make myself some maxi skirts.
i'll keep y'all updated.
i know you're waiting on the edge of your seat.
fo' sho!

happy weekend!


  1. my favorite Friday destination: this Blog. i miss you guys!! kiss the babies from Aunt Sissy and Uncle Jasie! and Bunny!

  2. Love the tutu's!!! Missed you guys last week too.


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