Friday, October 28, 2011

random friday: take twenty eight

today, i am tired.
and i don't really have any funny stories this week.
except my mother of the year moment.
you'll love that.
oh and odd little facts.
like how i watched the original parent trap movie three times in one day.
i don't even know how that happened.


i caught up on all of my etsy orders and actually got to sew for ME the girls.
but first, you have to buy new fabric, right?
joann's was having a super, wait-for-a-parking-spot, 20-minute-cut-counter-line and don't-even-get-me-started-on-the-long-mazelike-checkout-line SALE.

fabric: check.
spray paint: check.
stuff for christmas: check.
stuff for twinnies birthday party: check.

so with some of that fabric i made these little lovelies...
{they are also for sale in the shop}

...and i made them all in like 3 days.
i don't really know how that happened either.
i must have thought that i was on baby project runway or something.

now i'm gonna make some more with long sleeves.
and more ruffles, of course.


"nobody puts baby in a corner!"

well, apparently i do.


funny mothering fail story:

husband was craving a milkshake, but didn't want to go out and buy one just for himself.
so i told him i wanted one so he'd have to go out and get some.
so, away he goes.
at like midnight.
{we're old now, we don't do that anymore.}
so this is where it gets interesting.

olivia wakes up.
she won't let me rock her back to sleep, so downstairs we go to hang out in our room and watch some high quality television {the fast and the furious. dang you, tbs.}
then husband gets home.
we drink our shakes.
i decide to give baby b some because her pediatrician said she can have ice cream now.
yeah, THAT i can remember, but the fact that it's after midnight and i'm giving her more sugar than she's ever had in her life doesn't even register.
so guess who was a ball of fun until after 1?
that's right, the baby.
the hopped up on sugar 10 month old.
goooooooooooood going, mama.
{and for the record, husband did mention to me that i "shouldn't be feeding the baby a chocolate milkshake" to which i cut him off and replied, "the doctor says she can!!" yeah. if i would've let him finish he probably would have added the whole AFTER MIDNIGHT detail.}

mother of the year award, right here please.


so when my babies aren't full of sugar, they're doing this...

and this...

seriously, why even bother folding it and putting it away?


wedding preparations have been in full swing.
{only 7 more days until auntie a and uncle j get married!}
so i have been making cap sleeves out of thin air....

...and taking in darts so i look skinny.....

...and pinning and hemming my dress to just the right length to not show off too much leg, but to show enough to make the boots look good...

...and finally finding my hairstyle for the wedding!

it's almost time!!


i have been listening to christmas music.
i know, it's not even past halloween....
but that dang pandora puts on some pretty good tunes.

it just makes me happy.
how can you not be happy listening to christmas music?
it's the best time of year!
i love the mist.
and the fog.
and the grey days.
{my mother is reading this and probably wondering how i could ever, EVER like the grey days.}
and the cool.
it's the time of year when i had my babies.
i still remembering making one lap in my tiny gated community almost a year ago and pushing my little, little babies in their stroller and almost dying because of the pain.
mean ol' c-section.
but yes, my favorite time of year.
baking, decorating, hot chocolate, movies, sweaters, CHRIST's birth.

and if christmas music isn't your thing, perhaps this is?

the heavens are shining down on it.

yes, those are both for me.
and yes, i ate them both.
by myself.
i kinda don't know how that happened either.
when i was telling the girl my order, "TWO hamburgers, grilled onions and ketchup instead of the spread" accidentally fell from my lips.
dunno how.
but what i DO know...don't mess with me and my hamburgers.
jacques was trying to eat one and he LITERALLY got thrown outside and i wouldn't look at him for two days without getting mad.
they're sacred, dude.
don't mess.


happy halloween.

olivia is a peacock.
stella is a pheasant.
and hubby and i are hunters.
we're going bird hunting this weekend, i wonder what we'll find?
{don't even worry, you know i'll post 10,000 pictures of my adorable twinnies in their costumes. don't. even. worry. and i'm talking to you, amy.}



  1. Man. You are so talented. One day when I have a little girl, I want to buy all your stuff. Seriously.

    Also, that bridesmaid dress is superb. It looks like the same brand I had for my friend Jen's wedding


  3. LMBO! Giving the baby a milkshake that late...I say that's parental winning! You now have one more funny story to tell. Right?!

    I'm stopping by from followers fest. :)

  4. so pretty, love the hair- stopping by from the followers fest, i'd love for you to visit my blog and check out the huge giveaway going on- xoxo, nicole

  5. WOW! first of all, I'm in love with and totally envious of your sewing talents. What GORGEOUS clothes!

    As for your milkshake story. My two-year-old grandson was bugging my husband for sips of his Coke when we were at Chili's. He was doing it so adorably, he was hard to refuse, but I was worried about the caffeine and sugar (even in tiny sips), because he was spending the night with us!

    Someone at the table suggested we order him his own small Coke Zero. He was well into it when someone looked up Coke Zero on their iPhone, and found that although it has less caffeine, it DOES contain caffeine!

    Needless to say, baby was a ball of energy that night. :)

    Oh and learn!

    Hope you'll stop by and see me! Be sure and say hello...

    Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

  6. Found you on the followers fest. What a sweet blog. The dresses for your girls are too cute. New follower!! Please drop by anytime over at

    Thank you, Shon

  7. wow! what a packed post! LOVE the cute baby dresses you made!!!

  8. Ditto to SistaBlosch - CAN'T WAIT FOR HALLOWEEN PICS! Love you posts, btw, Erin! They're always so entertaining :)


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