Friday, September 9, 2011

random friday: take twenty two

there has been a lot going on this week.
nothing exciting, but still, a LOT has gone on.

i've been in this reorganization streak...i say i'm turning a new leaf and the mister says i'm planting a new tree.


since i'm home a million hours a week now, i need my house looking pretty.
all the time.
well, as much as i can get away with.

here stella is trying to help me clean the ever messy craft room:

she's adorable, but not much help.
she was supposed to be napping, but she had other plans.
more on that later.

i've been rocking a lot of mom hair this week:

no time for hair + high temperatures + 20 grabby fingers = mom hair.

ultrasound pics have been on the reorganization list:

there's over 100 of them.
and the craziest thing of all, they really do look like my babies!

i got this invitation in the mail....

we're SO excited to be a part of it!
{me: bridesmaid, stella and olivia: flower girls!}

i made TONS of baby food this week:

those kids eat better than i do!

there was a LOT of this this week:

she'll do that for 20 minutes.
funny girl!

and there was some of this:

they have an obsession with the game "crazy birds."
actually, just the music to it.
when we were in utah my oldest sister, amy, introduced them to it.
now they're all about it.
it will make the fussy's go away.

one of my fellow infertility friends had a baby this last week.
she had to go down to USC for her specialized treatments, so i made her little girl this blanket!

they are going to use it for her birth announcement pictures.
i'm glad they love it!

i also went over and spent a couple of hours with the new family of three.
oh, how i remember those newborn days!
they named their little girl alessandra.
isn't that SUCH a beautiful name?!
she is such a sweet baby.
and her mommy and daddy are such pros already!
so calm, so on top of things.
they're going to be such great parents.

we also took the girls out to dinner:

they did very well for about 25 minutes.
then they were done.
at least i got 6 yummy Logan's yeast rolls in my mouth in about fine minutes.
i saw on the menu they offer a dozen rolls to go for $5.99.
you better believe i'm going to take advantage of that!!

i picked up a new toy for the girls.
it will help them walk when they're ready for that.
they love it!

i made a new baby headband in one of my favorite colors.
perhaps i should add it to the shop?
i think i need to make one for myself!!

we watched tangled for the first time.
i loooooooooooved it.
so did the duke.
and so did the girls!
{thanks for your netflix, mom! haha.}

they've started cruising....
uh oh!

auntie a came over this morning and we all went out to breakfast.
livie loves her auntie a!

how stinkin cute, huh?
we also went over to auntie lala's house this week, but i didn't take any pictures :(

i made some new pillows for the master bedroom:

i'm getting my act together and finally making the ruffle duvet cover i've been putting off.
when it's all done i'll finally send in the home tour pictures.
i just need to get on it!

and last, but not least.....
i whipped this up last night:

it's a teething guard, but more importantly, it keeps stella from standing up in her crib.
i went in her nursery probably 25 times in 2 hours to help her down.
no fun.
no fun for her.
no fun for me,
but ESPECIALLY no fun for her poor little sister trying to take a nap right next to her.
there's only so much crying you can sleep through!!

right now they are napping and she didn't stand up once!
so here's hoping it deters her a little longer.
and that she can figure out on her own how to get down!
{once i bend one knee, she's got it from there, but the poor thing is SO mad at that point!}

happy friday!!


  1. ACK!!! there could never be too many vids on these blog posts!Dupree and i just scrolled thru and laughed!! they are getting SO big!!
    we dont understand how the teething bumper keeps Stella from standing tho......

  2. yeah, I want to know how the teething bumper works - does it keep her from grabbing hold in the first place?


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