Friday, September 16, 2011

random friday: take twenty three

i'm like a grown-up now.
i finally have a grown- up bed.

i made the painting, i made the pillows and i made the duvet cover.

the painting...i'm not so sure about.
i think the arch of the bed makes the painting look weird.
i dunno.

the duvet cover didn't really turn out as envisioned, but i like it.

who doesn't love pleats and ruffles?

i used two king flat sheets and one twin flat sheet.

total cost: $35

wal-mart sheets have never looked so good!


stella has been getting into  e v e r y t h i n g.

doesn't she look so proud of herself?

this mess took her like 15 seconds {if that}:


i made a fun little bow clip for the girls:

it took like five minutes.
i see many more in our future.
and my friends' future.


we ♥ missoni.

i can't believe that designer's exclusive actually crashed


i took olivia's 8 month pictures yesterday.

ya i know she's technically 9 months...i'm a little behind...but at least i'm sticking with it!!

see her little toothy?
the one right next to it just cut through.
and they aren't straight.
it's so cute.


we were gifted a baby gate from one of earl's coworkers and it's now keeping the girl's in their room.

for now.


the girlies have a new toy.

they haven't quite figured it out yet, but they love it.

i'm SO not ready for them to walk.
oh man.


the girls are trying to crawl up the stairs.
so i've been working on putting up another baby gate.

why don't they provide screws for wood AND drywall?
another trip out.
but maybe i might just have to go to the hardware store next to my favorite frozen yogurt place....hmmmm this may not be so bad.


and this silly little vid is proof that Olivia already likes her dad more than me.

and yes, my poor teething baby is a slobbery {adorable} mess.

and i found this and must not have ever posted it...
stella was having a ball while we were shopping at h&m in san francisco...

the girl LOVES mirrors and making that sound with her hand.


happy friday!


  1. okay so i followed your pin on pinterest because i was like "i love that room & have to find out that site where it came from" only to find out that it's your real life home... no big deal. haha
    everything looks amazing & the baby girls are seriously adorable

  2. Livie is talking!!!!! i love that she will call Earl ' sweet. i love Stella's hand harmonica :) sweet little kittens! xoxo

    Oh...the painting is lovely! and doesnt look weird with the bed frame.


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