Friday, September 2, 2011

random friday: take twenty ONE! {now you can drink...LEGALLY. kidding...}

some of you may have noticed my absence last friday.
{stop with the boohoo's and threats already, superfans!}

 aaaaannnnnnddddddd i bet most of you didn't.
that's totally ok.

i wasn't just being lazy and didn't do a random friday. i was vacationing!
{as much as one can vacation in a busy big city with two babies and shopping on the brain.}

we went to...

san francisco!

earl's wonderful cousin, michelle, gave us some free giants tickets as well as a free hotel room!

it was SO much work, but SO much fun!

as soon as we got into the city, we checked into our hotel and put the girls on the bed in the room so they could stretch out.
they were so happy to be out of their car seats!

i took this while we were driving over the bay bridge.
i  l o v e  buildings.
i was seriously contemplating architecture as a major.

dressed to go shopping!

i can't tell you how many people stopped us to talk about their shoes!
the duke says they "hurt the girls' feet" since there is elastic on the heel.
i figure if they didn't like them, they'd take them off!
they do that with headbands...
and apparently stella does it with diapers, too.
i won that one.
{i still haven't won many though. dang boy is almost always right.}

our hotel was like a block from union square.
it was so nice to be able to walk everywhere we needed to go.
this fabric store was three glorious floors.

i could have spent some serious time and serious money in that store!
but i just petted the pretty fabric and silks and we went on our way.

after a quick little rest at the hotel, we got ready for the game.

the game started at 7:15 pm.
the girls' bedtime is 7pm. was interesting.

see how happy they look?
they weren't.
we lasted for 3 innings.
every time anyone would cheer, the girls would start balling.
they don't like loud noises like that.
so we left our third row, first baseline seats, got some garlic fries and walked back to the car.

day two

7:30 am

i was already up with a screaming olivia at 6 am.
i got her to fall asleep and then stella started screaming.
i didn't want to be that person in the hotel, but more importantly, i didn't want stella waking up her sister!
so i bundled her up and out we went.
can harvard sweats look chic at union square?
yeah, i didn't think so either.
but getting that crying baby OUT was more important than what i was wearing.
at least they're fitted sweats??
{i'm wearing them right now....looooooooooove them.}

so after walking around for over an hour, i couldn't get her to fall back asleep, so we went back to the hotel.

they love smiling for their daddy.

we met up with our friends, the "b" family, for lunch.
they have three kids, we have two, they had one stroller, we had was quite the scene.
it's quite interesting how meal time is SO much more different with 5 kids.

here is erin with her little girl georgia

i'm in love with her eyes.
she is such a sweet and mellow little baby with two fun older brothers.
it was so nice seeing them and catching up!

i really wanted to take a picture in front of the golden gate bridge.
well, this is what the bridge looked like that day as we were driving on it.

total bummer.

we stopped in sausalito for bottle time and diaper changing time.
sweet stella just wanted to sleep!

olivia had her first real experience with grass.

she loved it.
she kept trying to eat it.

perhaps this was mid-sneeze?

this is my new favorite picture of them together.
it's funny how stella looks so much bigger than olivia in this picture.

you have no idea how happy i was to wear  boots  again!
i even had to put my cardigan on after this picture was taken because it was c o l d.
i could get used to this whole bay area thing.

ssssuuuuppppeeeerrrr bbbbaaaabbbbyyyy!

and that's it for san francisco.
it was a blast.
it was by no means relaxing, but it was so worth the trip!


stella bean has decided to become 2 years old already.

she's really THAT cute.

anyways, back to the time warp super speed aging of hers...

i find her like this now EVERY morning.

or like this because she's been there awhile and can't figure out how to get down.

i already moved their mattresses down to the second lowest setting.
do i need to move it down to the lowest lowest setting now?
and how do i teach her to get herself down from that?
i've tried bending her knees so she can figure out that her cuddly mattress is there, but she's not having it.
she locks those little knees of hers and glares at me as if to say, "dude! just pick me UP ALREADY!"

so some help in that category would be appreciated.


i decided that since i'm mommyployed {mommy employed} that it would be a good idea to put my old work clothes away and free up some closet space.
i would just get rid of them, but i may need them again someday {at least earl hopes so......hahaha he's SO SILLY!}
{we'll see about that one!}
well, i have like 14 pairs of work pants.
i guess working at banks and law offices for 6 years will do that to ya.
now that i have space i can go buy more jeans.
i should at least get rid of my high school jeans...
it's been almost 10 years!
i guess it shouldn't matter that they still fit {a lil' more snug than before} because who wears express jeans anymore??
{no offense if you do! that was just kinda trendy back then.}
i actually wore those jeans when i was pregnant.
true story.
sure they weren't sipped or buttoned, but i wore them.
that's the important part.

so here's another question....
what do you do with clothes that you don't wear, but have emotional and sometimes historical significance?

like the shirt i wore getting ready on my wedding day?
i haven't worn it since, but i can't get rid of it.

or that bridesmaid dress that you know you will most likely NEVER wear again?

or that sweatshirt that you wear maybe once a winter, but you hang onto it because you bought it shopping with your boyfriend....who is now your husband....and you wore it all the time?

what do you do with it all?
just pack it up and put it in the garage or the top of the closet?
make a funky, but oddly rad quilt out of it?
what should i do?

and what should i do with perfectly nice clothes that i don't wear anymore but are still nice?
do a clothing swap?

help in that department would also be greatly appreciated.


ok, i'm going to take a nap.
waking up with the sunrise is way overrated.

happy labor day weekend!


  1. I vote super awesome quilt with the old clothes! I framed a couple of my old band shirts that I loved (one is signed).

  2. love Sarah's quilt idea - can't believe Stella is standing up and can't figure out what to do next! Too funny. Love the pics - they are wonderful, thanks.

  3. Make something with the meaningful clothes. As for the work clothes, save a few items but, get rid of the rest. I held onto my teaching clothes for awhile. I kept the nice timeless pieces. I figure by the time I go back I'll want newer things..... not going to want to wear my clothes from 5 years ago.

  4. Your girls are beautiful and their shoes are so chic- did you make them?

  5. love the vid!!! i love seeing the girls recognize their sweet!!! xoxo!

  6. First of all I love that you have san fran written in rainbow and you brought your rainbow quilt to san fran....haha so fitting LOVE it.....I chuckled to myself...secondly see all these peoples comments they love your blogs too I am not the only stalker. Next, your clothes throw the ish away girl! Give it away....I KNOW for a fact that if/when you ever go back to work there is no way in heck that you are going to want to wear those want new me I know from experience. Secondly, the sentimental clothes...I say make a quilt you crafty woman!.....Girls clothes...hmmmm a quilt would be soooo cool for all there favorite clothes through the years a couple outfit pieces for each year.....My mom's quilt that my Nana made and I had re-done for her 50th remember?!?!? That is all her and brothers and sisters clothes...her face lights up when she tells me about this or that fabric and a memory on the quilt...just a you love your babies and love your man for making your babies so I can have "nieces!"

  7. Your girls are just too cute! I LOVE the videos you post of them! Hopefully one day our twinsies can meet each other! =)

  8. thanks for all of your comments! i love them!

    sarah and mom - i'll totally make a quilt out of their clothes, but i dunno about mine....maybe just a couple of pieces...and leave out the sweatshirts.

    cara - so true!

    stayday - i bought them at baby gap!

    amy - i'll keep them coming!

    amanda - i like to keep ALL rainbows coordinating. and i don't want to go back to work. haha. and i love that quilt of your moms!

    brittany - thanks! i know! that would be fun!

  9. hey sissy....about stella getting stuck at the crib-side...have you tried getting her to let go with one hand holding yours and move her hand back towards the wall so shes kinda forced to turn in order to keep her balance? she will probably eventually bend her knees and drop so she can sit.... just a thought.


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