Friday, September 23, 2011

random friday: take twenty four

today kinda sucks.
the twins have colds.
AND they are both on the exact opposite schedules.
when one sleeps, one is awake.

i wish it were as fun as this was a few days ago:

that was a few days ago and the fun factor has definitely worn off for her!


so when she's not having fun getting her nose cleaned, she's trying to  escape...

and is growing up way too fast...

crazy daredevil! 

she and her sister   l o v e   their reflections in the fireplace...

and this one who looks so sweet and innocent...

is not so sweet and innocent all the time.

 she's a little biter!


this one needs to stop looking like a big girl already.



i had no idea that when i'd have babies i'd turn into a hypothetical nightmare mess.
i hear a crazy sound upstairs and i'm convinced someone is crawling into their window and kidnapping them.
totally irrational.
but still totally possible {i mean anything's possible right?! truth is WAY stranger than fiction and there are people who have gotten struck by lightening more than it could happen...}, so i check on them.
and they're fine.
...until the next nightmare comes along.


a lady at the fabric store looked at olivia in her stroller and said, "HEY SEXY!!"



i have some new pillows up in the shop, go check 'em out!

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