Friday, September 30, 2011

random friday: take twenty five {it's large and in charge today!}

the twins are 10 months old today.

that means that in only 2 months they are going to be 1 year olds.

MAJOR tear!

i mean, i'm happy they are growing up, but i'm kinda sad at the same time.
is it always going to be like this?

this week they had their 9 month doctor's appointment {a little late, i know} and here are their stats:


16 pounds, 12 ounces {10th percentile}
27.5 inches long {50th percentile}
18 inch head circumference


16 pounds, 5 ounces {10th percentile}
27 inches long {50th percentile}
18.5 inch head circumference

their height has jumped up to the 50th percentile range, yay!
they still wear some 3 month clothes, but a majority of their clothes are 6 month sizes.
so it's pretty safe to say that i am SICK of seeing some of their clothes because they have been wearing them for 6 months!

they got tetanus shots.

poor babies.

their pediatrician also told me that i wasn't feeding them enough table food and to get them down to 8-12 ounces a day of formula.

so they've had rice, beef, cinnamon raisin bread and one of their new favorites: grilled cheese.

stella is a much neater eater than her little sis.


i've figured out something that is very interesting.

i think they're both lefties.

{proof: look at the pictures...both are using their left hands!}
seriously 99% of the time they grab their food with their left hands.
and in BOTH of those pictures above they are using their left hands.
husband thinks they are both righties.
we have a $20 bet going on.
i'm totally right.
i'm totally going to win the $20 out of our joint checking account.


i hate it when i go somewhere, like target, to get a specific mental checklist of things and forget the mental checklist.
like last night i forgot to get a black ink pad.
and then i remembered i forgot to get flour.
so i make another mental checklist of the forgotten items which i am bound to forget again.
it's a viscous cycle.


i ran into the cutest twin mommy at joann's the other day.
she was so normal.
{and when i say normal i mean just as crazy as i be clear.}
she was equally appalled at people thinking her fraternal twins are identical.
{me too!}
and swearing that she would never dress them alike, but still sometimes does.
{me too!}
and doesn't get why people fall over themselves with twins.

unfortunately i didn't have any of my business {business? HA!} cards with me to give her my contact information.
i know that she's a nurse at the children's hospital in town.
and i know her name.
i might just have to find her.
but i bet that would be totally weird.
"hi, remember me? the other twin mommy from joann's? yeah, i, uhhhhh, found your number......."

maybe i should change my mind.
and keep my cards with me.


i'm going to make this chandelier.

it's a capiz shell west elm knock-off made out of wax paper.
pretty much all you do is punch out wax paper circles and sew them together.
and use an old lampshade as the frame.
my dining room will be transformed.

i'm soooooooooo excited.


last weekend was amanda's bridal shower.
it was SUCH a beautiful cool, breezy day.

i made amanda an awesome ruffle blanket, but didn't take a picture.

i DID take a picture of their pillowcases though:

i found pictures of a doe and a buck online and resized them in photoshop.
i printed out the initials from photoshop too.
i printed them out and traced them on freezer paper.
then i cut them out and ironed them onto wonder-under backed fabric.
then i cut THAT out and peeled off the freezer paper and wonder-under backing.
then i placed them on the pillowcases, ironed them on, then free motion stitched them about 1/16" away from the edges all the way around.

sounds intense, right?
it is.
that's why it took me like 2 hours.
and that's why THEY BETTER LOVE THEM.
{you hear that amanda?! LOVE THEM!}

ok, so back to the party.

this is amanda and her maid of honor, chelsey.
they were neighbors and practically sisters.
how stinkin' cute are they?

chelsey is an A M A Z I N G artist.
she paints so crazy awesome stuff.
she made that wall hanging they are holding.
the rosettes are painted newspaper.
freaking cool.

this is the table of "amanda's favorite things" i was in charge of.

sour patch kids. sweet tarts. sour patch watermelons. yogurt pretzels. snickerdoodles. sour worms. sparkle cookies. goldfish. peanut butter filled pretzels.

yummy stuff.

amanda's sister-in-law kirsten made the cakes.
they were totally yummy too.

this is amanda's chair at our table:

love it!

here are chelsey and whitney, a fellow bridesmaid.

she's prego, so she will be my sober friend at the bachelorette party!
woohoo! haha.
i'm so excited for a weekend at a beach house.
i will miss my little family terribly.
but it will be fun.
i'll only have to get myself ready!

i brought the girls to the shower.

i was afraid they'd be fussy {it was nap time} and they were, but just a little bit.
they were loved by all!

here is amanda and her mom:

they are the freaking cutest.

and chelsey and i made amanda's rehearsal dinner bouquet.
this was our second attempt.

amanda and flower girl stella.

amanda and flower girl olivia.

amanda and i.

{don't even get me started about my hair that day. i had grand plans of curling it. ugh. yeah. that didn't happen.}

the bridal party!

i'm a white giant.
i WILL be getting spray tanned for the wedding.
no doubt about it.

and the left-overs from the candy table made it's way back to my house.

they are here waiting for amanda to come over and eat them all.
and for the bachelorette party.


i made the twins' halloween/fall bows.

i made bbq chicken pizza.

oooooh it was good.
it's been AGES since i've made pizza dough.
it was fun though.
and easy.


i stayed up until 3am one night finishing a ton of orders.

like TEN orders with multiple items.
it felt SO GOOD to be done with those so i could work on my own projects!

one project: a pom-pom garland for the built-in.

i have a garland and sparkly pumpkins on the mantle.
i love fall decorations.

 i made a throw pillow for the couch out of a world market $2.99 napkin.

it's not fall without pumpkin candy corns!


who, me?


rice eater!


we had dinner one night this week at panda express.
this one loves to drink out of cups:

and blow raspberries.

and this one has just turned into a big ball of smiles.
all. the. time.


the twins' bathroom is almost done.

i just need to clean it and decorate it a little more.


knitting needles feel so good in my hands again.


stella is in. to. every. thing.

here is some video action....
PLUS her bride of chucky voice was caught on camera:

i love that sill baby so much.


have you tried this?

it's fantastic.
go get some for the weekend and rest for me.
i'm tired.

now i just need to find a circle punch for that chandelier.......

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  1. At that age Reagan's doctor also wanted her eating more table foods, but he wanted her to have 20-24 ounces of formula a, hello? If she's having that much formula, she's NOT hungry for table food. Duh! I'm glad there are doctors out there that understand that...


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