Monday, August 29, 2011

remember when we went to utah?

i never really posted about it.
so here it is!

packing for two babies is NOT an easy task.
especially for two plane rides and being away from home for 10 days.

their first plane ride!

and you wouldn't believe all the stares i got taking this thing through the airport...

my lovely friend chelsea and her calm little boy andrew were able to meet up with us at my parent's house.
we only get to see each other about once or twice a year, so it was great seeing her for three days in a row!

i think it's safe to say olivia was a fan.

little andrew

i tried my BEST to get him to smile.
i mean, i'm a professional baby smile maker, but he wasn't having it!

we drove around bryce canyon national park...

and filled the back seat of my mom's car with babies!

my dad and i went on some atv rides...

my sister's fiance, jason got some big smiles outta the girls...

sweet little olivia

olivia loves her grammy.

we learned how to play bocce ball

olivia had never done this before and made this face practically the whole trip...
{and stopped doing it right after we got home!}

sweet stella

and elton john olivia

super curious stella

we went up to the range and shot some guns.
{left the babies at home, of course!}

bunny shot a gun for the first time!

and i practiced my kill shot.

my parent's friends have this AMAZING log cabin up at a lake.
it's a mansion.
but oh, so cozy.
i think that's mostly because of the wonderful people residing in it.

anyways, they have a pond on their property and have the biggest, craziest trout living in it.
you can't tell from this picture, but they were feeding and going nuts.
like jumping out of the water nuts.
like 35 of them.
and they're all like 16" long. AT LEAST. huge. kinda freaky.

bed head baby!

one of our atv rides.

i wanted to do the girls' 7 month photo shoot while we were there.
this is an ADORABLE covered bridge.
livie wasn't in the mood for pictures.

...but stella was!

so pretty!

my mom and i went to go see harry potter.
it's the cutest little movie theater ever.
one screen.
full ice cream shop in the front.
love it, love it!

there were like 5 other people there. it was fabulous.

then we had to leave.
{why don't i have any pictures with my parents and the girls?! ugh.}

the ride back was sooooooo hot and not fun.
stella would scream bloody murder if i tried to put her in her car seat, so on my lap she stayed.

the end.

{some VIPs are not pictured. they were there and i love them!}


  1. finally! Never satisfied, I was thinking I'd see pics from SF - maybe next time!! Very cute pictures!! Thanks!!

  2. You are SUPER Mom! I would be terrified to take my kids on a plane let alone without my husband there! Were people patient with you? Did anyone help you?! So curious to know how the whole "getting on and off the plane" worked! =)


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