Friday, August 19, 2011

random friday: take twenty!

stella is getting WAY too fast at crawling.
not "proper" crawling, but army crawling.

and she'll do anything for food.

i didn't let her eat any, don't worry.

she is practicing the "proper" crawl though.

see how her face is blurry?
she is in constant movement.
this child is going to keep me on my toes for the next 25 years, i can feel it!

and this little one is doing rather well with her proper crawling practice!
even better than stella, which is surprising because she doesn't even army crawl, slither or anything. she's just been laying there and all the sudden she busts out a move.

i KNEW she'd do it when SHE wanted to.

yeah, she'll keep me on my toes too!


last saturday the duke and i took the girls to the park for their first swing ride.

let's just say at first olivia didn't seem too thrilled.

but she quickly changed her mind once she realized how fun it was.

stella's story was a little different.
i think she was annoyed that her swing was SO DIRTY.

she's turning her nose up at it.
and then she let us know how she REALLY felt.

even daddy pushing her couldn't change her mind.

i totally love that picture.
so classic.


caught this little moment on camera:

too funny.
i guess they are twins.


olivia is totally teething.

her first tooth is starting to pop up.
it's a sharp little bugger!


i bought some new treats to add to my candy kirby design orders:

i totally didn't know these even existed!
as a candy aficionado, i was surprised when i found these.
so buy some ckd stuff and you'll get one for free :)


i got my dress for amanda and justin's wedding!

{don't judge my bad iphone photo and YES, i am watching teen jeopardy...i still don't get some of the answers right, dang it!}

i'm going to add some little cap sleeves and a rosette and jewel encrusted sash and i'll be good to go.
how cute are those boots they bought us?!
i love them!

but not as much as i love the girls' flower girl dresses!

doesn't it look SO tiny?!


i found some fabric at the quilt shop and fell. in. love.
i knew immediately what to do with it.

i was going to re-do olivia's bedding.

i was never really in love with one of the three fabrics used.
and it was the MAIN fabric.


too much red.
and green.
and teal.
and brown.
it just wasn't perfect.


perfect, perfect, perfect.


i painted the twinnies toe nails.

one thin quick coating chips so quickly.


and now for some CRAZY news.
i've been asked to participate in a pre-emmy celebrity gifting suite for the emmy's next month.

re-read that sentence.

is your mind blown?
mine is.
i googled the crap outta the lady's name and it's legit.

i don't know if i'm going to do it.
i keep going back and forth.
do it?
don't do it?

it's next month.
i'd have to make at least 70 gifts.

ummmm....who wants to help me sew??


  1. Of course u do it! Anyone who likes it is gonna ask where she got it and before u know it you'll be on Oprahs fav things! (ok maybe not, but only cuz she's gone). Way cool

  2. OMGosh!!!! how did this Emmy lady find you?? and Stella is SooooooOOOOo cute with her crawling!!! LOL for the Doritos :P now we need a Livie vid!! love the bloggie poo!

  3. Oh my love the video!!! How cute is Liv in the swing!!! I can't get enough of those girls! Thank you for having them for me ;) haha......I so want you to do Emmy thing I
    Sure your mom would help sew...hint hint

  4. That is so completely awesome! Congrats!!!!

  5. love those little, fat toes - I wanna munch them - who do they belong to? I am thinking Livy - am I right?

  6. what do you have on your back - a new PPB??


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!