Friday, August 12, 2011

random friday: take nineteen!

ok, this week according to photos:

the girls had a playdate with miss chloe:

a few boys were also there, but i was too busy trying to keep miss olivia happy to take any pictures.
the top left picture below is of them before the playdate.

the others were after.
they were tired!


i must already be turning into my mother.
one night this week i took a glass of root beer to bed.

it's not diet coke, but it's close.
huh, mom?!


i ran some errands one night after earl got home from work.
when i came home, olivia was still awake.
poor thing would NOT go to sleep.
luckily i got her to stop crying by taking her on a walk.
conan came with us can barely see him, but he's in the picture too.

i about walked my legs off.
and she never fell asleep.


you've heard me say it before, but one of my VERY favorite things to do is wake up my girlies.
they're all smiles and wiggles and giggles.
so i apologize for the photo overload you're about to see, but i have 2 super fans that live too far away and get mad if i don't post pictures.

aren't they so fun?!


also this week, the girls watched their first disney movie, my favorite, sleeping beauty.

olivia really liked it.
she just stared and started.
stella wanted to get on the floor and crawl around.
she's quite the active one! 
she's getting such thick hair!


olivia fell asleep in her jumperoo again.

wouldn't it be so nice to sleep so peacefully like that...anywhere?


i've been a pom-pom making machine!

these are for their first birthday party in december.
i need to make a lot, so i need to get a big head start!



now i get to make another one!
{i have two for each. this whole twin thing is exhausting in more ways than one!}
and i wouldn't have it any other way.

happy weekend!


  1. I love those pictures, and the root beer - you are on your way; sorry. You are right - Miss Stella is getting lots of hair! Love those wake-up shots - too precious to believe! Thanks, signed, 1 of your 5 Fans!

  2. i giggled the whole blog thru!!! i loved the Stella pics thru the crib bars and LOL'd at them watching Sleeping Beauty! AWESOME!!! the traditions continue!! you gotta do Wizard of Oz next and then Sound of Music :) love those babies!!!! XOXOXOX

  3. oh-and the quilt looks perfect!!

  4. i LOVE that pretty. and your daughters are adorable!

  5. The quilt is just adorable!!


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!