Friday, August 5, 2011

random friday: take nineteen!

we're home.
we made it!

for starters: traveling with the twins was just as scary as i thought it'd be.
it was even a little WORSE.
let me explain....

my ADORABLE husband surprised us at the airport.
he commutes 35 minutes to work, so to come back into town was kinda a big deal.
(especially in the middle of the day.)
he won the best hubby/daddy award. 

so after we got through security {i had TWO of the six TSA agents to myself. they were amazingly sweet and awesome} and husband left, they announced that our flight was delayed.
first it was delayed 30 minutes.
then another 40.
then the plane was there, but all of the other passengers think it's rocket science putting their carry-ons into the overhead bins.
that added like 20 minutes, no lie.

the girls were fussy...i was THAT mom with the fussy BABIES.
yeah, oh well.
everyone on my plane was so, so nice.
they carried our bags and car seats off the plane for us.
they were rockstars with sympathetic looks and everything.
i attribute it to the cute babies in cute outfits.


i have been working on their crayon box rainbow quilt.

the twins are going to know what cyan, aubergine and saffron are, trust me.
{but hopefully that won't backfire on me when they're in kindergarten and the teacher calls out, "what color is an eggplant?" and everyone yells, "PURPLE!" while stella and olivia yell, "AUBERGINE!" i can already see it now...}


i had cafe rio.

it totally lived up to my memory of it.

i remember driving a european scooter to cafe rio in provo when i was working for abercrombie and fitch and "recruiting" pretty people to come work for us.
totally weird.


i wore pants, long sleeves and sweatshirts in july.
i'm going to miss that!
and bonfires and s'mores.

with giant marshmellows!


ever see the movie 'the adjustment bureau'?
well, that was TOTALLY me tonight.
i was adjusted all over the place.

first adjustment: when i went to the ATM to deposit my car payment {whoops, sorry i forgot, bank! thanks for calling me and reminding me ever so nicely!} and after putting in my PIN and getting ready to put my deposit in the envelope sucker inner thing {in bank talk it's called the depositor} i realize there is a stack of 20s there being sucked in.
and i can't put my envelope in.
so then my receipt spits out and it's all, "thanks for you big deposit of this month and next month's car payments!"
and i'm like, "uh, it's not in there."
so i do it again.
and actually get my envelope in there this time.
so now another receipt spits out, "thank you for twice the money!"
and i'm all, "yeah right. now you're going to think i'm a scammer AND lazy and forgetful. GREAT, bank. just GREAT!"

second adjustment: going to the gas station to fill up commuting hubby's car and realizing that the gas nozzle is LOCKED and can't be used.....AFTER swiping my card and putting in all my info.
onto the next gas station!

no adjustment at the next station...or at jack in the crack to get two tacos.
i felt like a youngster being out at 11:45 pm and getting junk food.

third adjustment: pulling out of jack in the crack and onto the tore up road.
apparently there's lots of road work going on and there are cones and signs all over the place.
so all over the place that one is right in the MIDDLE OF MY LANE.
if i swerve, i'll hit it or run over it.
not good.
german cars are expensive to fix.
so i totally got out of the car {in the middle of the road} and pulled the thing out of the way.
that metal "road work" sign in really heavy!
so then i came home.

it may sound totally stupid, but this mama doesn't get out much and it was all too weird. especially since i just watched that movie.
too weird.


what do people do with their babies' old baby clothes?
give them away? sell them?
keep the really cute ones?
the girls have only grown out of a very small portion of their clothes, but i'm curious....
they are growing much slower than i anticipated.
i love it that they're little, they're much easier to cuddle with and carry around, but one plans on their 6 month old to wear "6 month old" clothes, no?
well, my 8 month olds are still wearing 3-6 month clothes.
they have some VERY cute shorts that will fit them perfectly in december.
who doesn't wear zebra shorts with tights underneath?
they'll be baby trend setters.


a girl in the airport asked me if my babies we mine.
after i said yes, she said, "they came out of you?!"
again, i said yes.
she was baffled.
i mean, i know i look like a little girl, but COME ON.

oh and you should have seen the look on my mom's face when a lady asked me if my twins were identical.
yeah, it was hilarious.
i don't think i've ever seen my mom's eyes get that wide or at least it's been a while.
h i l a r i o u s.


now i will do a full write-up on our trip sometime soon, but in the meantime, you get to look at this picture as a preview:



  1. beggars cant be choosers and i realize i was actually PRESENT for your trip but there are NO baby pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont even know what to do with myself! just a week ago i was cleaning Livie spitup off every outfit i wore and now nothing...i feel so empty.

  2. I feel your pain . . . I still have the crib up and I cannot go into that room without getting teary eyed - what are we to do????

  3. Girl, its probably cuz your babies look more like your hubby with the dark features, and probably because adopting babies from other countries is trendy they just assume... although your awesome post-twin figure is astonishing and pretty unbelievable ;) you are amazing to travel with them. I just did it with Crew to WA and I almost want to puke thinking about soo.g it again to get home to Fresno.

  4. Thanks for sharing your adventures Erin! Welcome to Utah and all our crazy road construction State-wide.. and the question if your kids were yours and if they 'came out of you' makes me nuts. They don't have to come out of you to be yours and it is a hurtful question that I hate being asked about my Abbey.


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