Friday, August 5, 2011

a day in the life

a couple of you have been curious as to how we spend our days....
well here it is!
here is the rundown of a typical day for us...

7:15 am

wake up!

7:20 am

feed me!

7:50 am

play with me!

8:15 am

mini naptime!

8:25 am

mama gets to eat!

8:35 am

sew mama, sew!

9:05 am

cries downstairs.
no more sewing.

9:20 am

it's time for a walk!

9:45 am


10:10 am

running errands

10:25 am

we hit the grocery store.
this was their first time sitting in the shopping cart.

they did really well!

10:30 am

wishing my fridge looked like this:

11:10 am

time to eat!
look who's getting sleepy!

11:35 am


11:45 am

let's try sewing again.

12:15 pm

i am ADDICTED to lemonade.
either my homemade vanilla lemonade or simply lemonade.
love love love.

12:45 pm

make some bows!

1:35 pm

sew some more.

2:15 pm


2:45 pm

make bottles...again.

3:10 pm

look who didn't want to sleep anymore!
mommy needs to make dinner!

4:15 pm

livie's awake!
let's play!

6:10 pm

daddy's home!

6:25 pm

playtime with daddy...

6:50 pm

bottle time!

7:05 pm

bath time!

7:20 pm

baby bedtime

the end!


  1. yes thank you! All of your fans need to see picks. I simply cannot believe that it has only been 1 week since we left the 3 of you in LV - seems like weeks ago - boo hoo . . .

  2. Thanks for sharing your day with us!
    Natascha from Germany

  3. Lol, I have a draft right now with the same title as this post :) I love hearing what people do with their day. Busy woman! I looooove the picture quality of your camera. Not that your pretty girls need it. Lovin' those smiles.


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!