Friday, July 8, 2011

random friday: take seventeen!

did you miss me last friday?

oh, you didn't notice i skipped a random friday?

ok, so lotsa stuff has been happening around here....

i bought the perfect magazine for stuffed creature inspiration....

drank tons of vanilla lemonade....

stella fell asleep while being burped.....

we went swimming at auntie a's house.....

we went on a few walks.....

i added some new pillows to the couch.

one was a NAPKIN!
care to guess which one??

i ate some FABULOUS fro-yo.....

i watched my dear stella sleep and look like such a BIG GIRL!

speaking of big girl, look at this picture?

"hi! i'm stella and i'm 7 months going on THIRTEEN!"

but then she does something like this that reminds me she's still my little baby...

and olivia sat on her daddy's lap while he played piano...

busy, huh?


have you ever poured something other than milk into your cereal bowl?
i almost poured formula into mine.
i think i need to slow down a little.


yesterday miss olivia woke up with a suuuuuuper stinky #2 diaper.
somehow i didn't notice.
was i THAT tired?

anyways, the girls slept for 12+ hours straight, so this was a full diaper without the stinky stuff.
so, i started feeding them their bottles and only then did i realize the smell...the stuff on my hand...the stuff between STELLA's toes {how did it get there?!}...the stuff all over my clothes....

yeah, totally gross and not pretty.
not pretty at all.

 all you mommies out there, i know you're laughing because it's happened to you.
and all you future mommies....good luck.


i made these super cute red, white and blue ruffled bloomers for the fourth of july.

the girls were pretty much fussy the whole day.
they wouldn't let ANY of our friends hold them at brad's bbq.
it was a flashback to the colicky days.
but the even crazier thing?
as soon as we WALKED IN THE DOOR to our house, they were SO happy.
laughs, giggles, smiles....they were themselves again.

what the heck, babies?


in just over a week we are going to utah.
twins on a plane.

yes, i'm STILL freaked out.


this sweet, but crazy old lady in target asked me if stella was a boy.
what is it with that little baby and people thinking she is male?
she had a GIANT pink bow on...
was wearing red and pink...
and has her ears pierced.
i mean, COME ON!

but i think my favorite comment {and most common} is...
"oh look! one is darker than the other! a LOT darker! ARE THEY IDENTICAL??"

they are NOT identical.

identical things look the same, no?
maybe i was taught an alternate definition of what the word "identical" means.


happy friday!


  1. Haha! I love that, "identical things look the same, no?" Awesome! i love their little sunglasses, that was a good gift :) Love the post! (And yes, I noticed you missed last week ;)

  2. I bought those same exact napkins from cost plus and made pillow covers when we were here in December! ha ha. I guess you have have good taste! :)

  3. Yes, I missed your post last week - Stella looks so grown up, but my fav was Livy and Daddy at the piano - good modeling for them. Can't wait to have them here - too bad they'll be fussy much of the time though if the 4th is any indication!

  4. People ALWAYS ask me if my boys are identical. I want to say "Do they look identical?" But I have to just take a deep breath, smile, and say, yes, they are identical. Sigh... =/

  5. Oh, that cracks me up! Don't you just love the highly intelligent questions we twin moms get?! My boy/girl twins are now 3, (Yes, you will survive.)and we still get the are they identical question! I mean really, come on. Honestly, how am I supposed to answer this question? I must say sometimes I really want to say "What kind of idiot are YOU!!!" Fortunately, I've managed to kindly say "no" time after time for 3 years.

  6. Next time you should look down like you are surprised and say "how did that other one get in there?"...Sorry, demented comments come out after midnight, everything is so much funnier after midnight ;)


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