Thursday, July 14, 2011

random friday: take eighteen!

while i was at the bead store buying more rhinestones to bedazzle the crap out of the twinnies hair bows, the owner started talking to me about my twins.
my boy/girl twins.

she did.

so i just sighed and said, "they're both girls. why does everyone think she's a BOY?!"
apparently she couldn't see the bow on my baby's head.

i mean, for realsies?
{picture taken that very same day!}

then we started talking about how hot it was.
{it was 102*}
then she started telling me about how a few years ago she was outside on a hot day and she decided to not wear pants because it was going to be hot so she wore a skirt and she was talking to the landlord and negotiating her lease and it was a hot day in june and she was sorry she had worn a skirt because it was so hot and her LEG MAKE-UP SEALED ALL OF THE PORES ON HER LEGS made her even hotter and and and....
that kinda blows my mind, i'm not gonna lie.
i knew there was such a for movies and open caskets and stuff.
but seriously, where do you even buy that?
i've never seen it at target.
maybe it's in the old lady section?
or wal-mart? lots of old people go there.
i'm mystified!


i HATE flies.
hate hate hate.
the ONLY thing they are good for is determining TOD.


i have been secretly planning the girls' first birthday party since they were two months old.
maybe even before then.
i know, i'm crazy. don't worry, i already know.
so the theme was going to be "thing 1 thing 2" from cat in the hat.
yes, it is the theme no longer.
i have seen it ALL over blogland.
who knew it was so popular?

so i am scouring pinterest in search of some wonderful inspiration.
now i feel totally behind!
they're almost 8 months old!
i need to GET ON IT!


once again, my dear stella was awake while my dear olivia slept.
i opened the curtains, grabbed my camera, got on the floor, and put the camera into manual.
i'm trying to get this whole shutter speed and aperture thing ain't easy.

but then your angelic child looks at you and you snap this picture...

i can stare at this picture for a very long time.
it's in my top ten of favorite pictures of stella.
it takes my breath away.
she's so wonderful.
and has the prettiest, poutiest lips i've ever seen on a baby.


i had a dream that stella cut two teeth while we were on vacation in utah.
well, that vacation starts on monday.
so if it comes true, i made myself a teething necklace to wear while we're there.

she's a fan.
uh oh.


it's been told that olivia is quite the jumperoo fan.
she goes nuts in it, she cries in it, she sleeps in it...then she wakes up in it.

she's so happy with her saliva-stache and her funky jumperoo "sheet" marks on her face.

speaking of olivia...she is quite the little mystery.
let me explain.
for MONTHS, we have been hearing stella's roars of laughter.
when we do silly things with livie, she smiles, but never laughs.
MAYBE you'd get a giggle.
like one.
that's it.
i mean, i knew she'd laugh one day, but i was wondering....when is it ever going to happen?
what would it sound like?
she has one of the SWEETEST little voices...

...and one of the sweetest little laughs!

this was only the second time it had happened.
i feel like i'm trying to capture a unicorn or something by getting it on camera.

next thing to capture on camera: stella's bride of chucky/zombie/exorcist voice.
she must be really excited for halloween because she's practicing early.
it's pretty creepy.
and LOW.
i'll keep you posted on it's status.


auntie a and uncle j came over for a visit!

these little lovebirds are getting married in november and the twinnies are going to be their flower girls!
{they'll be pulled in a wagon by the ring boy!}

while it is not unusual for auntie a to be here, it is for uncle j!
he plays baseball in indiana, so he's only gotten to see the girls a few times since they've been born.

{it was good to see you justin! thanks for the pancakes!}


stella is crawling!

ok, so it's not a full-on crawl, it's more of a wonky army crawl, but it's big news in these parts.
she does this rolling/crawling combination that is making her entirely too mobile.

like here for example:

see how pleased she is with herself that she is nearly on top of the fireplace hearth?
{a place she is NOT supposed to be!}

we had a talk.
i told her she was allowed anywhere on the blanket.
clearly, she is not listening.
i think we may need to have another talk.

and perhaps while we're having our talk, we could talk about what happened here:

do NOT finger-hook your sissy's mouth.
or steal her toy.

this is going to be SOME talk!


alright folks, that's it.
i will now be washing and packing and preparing.
you may or may not hear from me next week....i dunno.
i'm trying NOT to bring my laptop on our trip because that's just ONE MORE THING that would have to go on the carry-on and get it's own bin at security and my mind is already reeling.

plus, didn't you notice this one was super sized?
i'm hoping it will hold you over.



  1. Supersized for sure and like a crazy I am awake getting ready for work....well I am in bed reading your blog NOT getting ready....guess no shower for me this morning my poor patients :| haha.....That picture is so cute minus Justin's fake smile the dorkus.......It is so funny how you can tell who we are holding by just their heads haha.....Favorite video is Olivia talking...she told a great story! love all of you....and the new blog theme is so cute! Look at you! Supermom!

  2. I love how Livy leans into her sissy - like 'play time please!' - not rip my mouth out! Love the laughs and cuteness - can't wait to see you Monday!

    i love that little Livie is so earnestly trying to give her sissy a kiss and is completely undeterred by the attempted toy theft and street fighter finger- hooking move that Stella so effortlessly executed.

  4. ooh and that fact that you managed to insert TOD into a baby blog is so varsity gangster that i dont even know what to say....well played sissy!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog today and I am so glad that I did! Hello from your newest follower!

    Breanna :)

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