Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a twin mama's guide to sanity

a little list of what to get if you're having twins....
not including the normal stuff like diapers, wipes, onesies, etc.

reasons for doing this:

1. to help scared women pregnant with twins
2. to document my crazy new existence
3. to let you see it too.

so i'm sure there are a zillion different twin mommies that do things differently than i do.
this is just what works for us.

1. boppy's.
we have 2; one for each baby.

great for breastfeeding, great for placing a baby down for a moment, great for bottle feeding.

2. swings.
we have 2 of them.

one is fancy schmancy and has ALL of the bells and whistles.
{iPod dock, womb noises, plugs-in [no batteries! yay!] and best of all: you can take the seat out and click in your graco car seat to keep you baby sleeping from car to house. priceless.}
i thought people were crazy to spend $150 on a swing. but i totally know why now!
the dirty, bad, c-word.
there were days nights when the girls wouldn't sleep and the only way i could get them to sleep was by putting them in their straight jackets {see #3}, putting them in the swing and turning on the womb sounds.
luckily i have a wonderful friend that GAVE me hers.
{kristie, i will love you forever!}
she wouldn't even let me pay her money.
or  starbucks.
i don't even know if we're having more babies but i want to still cling onto this swing for dear life.
{update: stella was having a fit and wouldn't sleep, so i pulled this out of the garage and she was asleep in 5 minutes. for 2 hours. as rose said in titanic, "i'll never let go!"}

3. aden + anais swaddling blankets.

not the cheapest, but they are soft, breathable and LARGE.
i had kung fu houdinni babies that knew how to get out of every basic receiving blanket, so these allowed me to mummy wrap them.
the swaddleme blankets also work well because they have velcro to keep those arms in! 
they're like baby cucoon straight jackets.

4. gerber premium 6-ply cloth diapers.

{with an added ruffle}

the best burp cloths EVER.
 incredibly thick and absorbant.
they're the most expensive gerber ones, but they're the best.
5. infant car seats.
convertible car seats are the ones that AWALYS stay in your car.
infant car seats are the ones that snap in and out as carriers.
these are perfect for snapping into your stroller {see #6} for light walks, shopping, church, etc.

'cause if you're lugging them around everywhere, they've gotta be cute, right?
{and they're SUPER safe.}

6. strollers.
don't call me crazy, we have three.

we have the snap 'n go for when i only have one baby {or one in a carrier}...

we have the contours options tandem stroller for when i have both babies...

and we have the bob revolution duallie for jogging and long walks.

{shown with snuzzler inserts}

7. jumperoos.

once you baby has good head control, plop them into the most magical contraption called the jumperoo.
the girls are so in love with theirs.
i got only one first to see if they both liked it and quickly got another.
worth EVERY penny.
they interact and squeal at one another while i can eat, take a shower, whatever.

8. bouncers.

my girls looooooooove these.
we tried a couple of different brands and they like the cheapo fisher price one the best.
so we have two of those too!

{fisher price bouncer}

9. cool baby toys

my girls think these things are the best things ever.
i can't leave the house without these things.
they're seriously on my check list...babies...keys...phone...diaper bag...TOYS.

10. podee bottles.

these crazy looking things are great!
it's like a straw for bottles.
it's a way for babies to eat without mommy holding their bottle.
i hardly ever use it at home, but i sure do for traveling or running errands!
it's also great in reducing reflux/ear infections/air intake according to the packaging.

11. waterproof crib sheets.

no fun picture, but they get the job done.
when i make the girls' cribs, i layer these things between the sheets.
so it goes: mattress - mattress pad - waterproof sheet - fitted sheet - waterproof sheet - fitted sheet
that way if there is a diaper blowout at 3am, you just rip off the top layer of sheets and there is a fresh, clean one already there.
it's amazing.

12. baby carriers.

{ignore the dirty mirror - i was too busy playing! look at that face! too precious.}

we have baby bjorns and my homemade hippie wrap that's the same as a moby wrap/sleepy wrap.
i like the hippie wrap for in the house and the bjorn for going out.
the main reason being that i don't like messing with the fabric when it can drag on dirty floors as i'm trying to tie it.

13. bottle dryer.

i like to hand wash ALL of their bottles.
yeah, i know, i'm nuts.
i just don't like the way our dishwasher cleans them.
so i like this pretty little patch of grass.

{boon lawn we also have the boon grass. 'cause we got so much stuff to dry!}

14. pack'n'plays.

we have two identical ones.

perfect for traveling, nap time outside of the home and another place for a fussy baby to try and sleep away from an already sleeping baby!

{pack'n'play... fitted sheet}

15. easy to clean highchairs.

ok, i know these are kinda crazy looking, but i love them.
they're modern, they're cool, they're EASY TO CLEAN.
that was my #1 priority in picking a highchair.

these chairs have casters {wheels} on the bottom so they can easily be moved around.
and brakes to keep them still.
and a pneumatic lift to fit underneath tables.
and easily removable pads/straps for washing.
and removable tray covers/liners.
the last thing this twin mama wants to think about after feeding TWO babies is the gunky clean up.
after feeding the babies for 2 months in these, i have spent maybe 6 minutes TOTAL cleaning these.
just gimme a clorox wipe, 20 seconds and DONE.

{boon flair highchairs with sassy fascination toys}


there are a lot of other things we use, but i think that these are our life savers.
lots of stuff, huh?
i had NO idea i would need this much stuff when i was pregnant.
i had an idea, but it's just different when you live it.
so here's hoping this helps a future twin mama!
{and singleton mamas too!}

updated: there is a part deux here.


  1. great information from tried and true experience - can you believe how your simple, carefree life has changed - and all for the better!?

  2. Love this post- can't believe I already have a lot of this stuff. Can't wait to try those bottles my bubbas suffer from terrible reflux.

  3. I'm expecting my first baby in August (only 1, not 2 though)...this post is so helpful!! It's great to hear what works for other mommies! Love your blog and family!


  4. My friend Lindsey gave me your link...lifesaver! We just found out we are having twins (and have an 18 month old). I will definitely be putting these items on the list


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