Monday, June 20, 2011

a twin mama's guide to sanity: part deux

so i checked out my blog stats.
apparently y'all loved my guide to sanity.
since "part 1" was more about "gear," here's more "stuff."
{you can find part 1 here.}

these are our go-to products.

nose we took home those ball syringe things from the hospital.
once something is brought into your hospital room - it's yours, so TAKE IT!
all other ball syringes are terrible.
they suck because they don't suck.

so when your cute little baby is a hot snotty mess, use this saline to help clean out those cute little nostrils.

Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops, Non-Medicated 1 fl oz (30 ml) 
little noses saline

i've heard that the nosefrida works wonders.

Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

you stick that thing in the babies nose and SUCK OUT THEIR SNOT WITH THE STRAW.
i just can't wrap my head around that one.
supposedly there's a "filter" that prevents the snot from entering your mouth, but still. no thanks.
not ready for that one.
i'll stick to my hospital ball syringe.


there's also no way to know what pacifiers your baby will like.
luckily for us, i bought one kind and they liked those.
some mamas have to buy one of EVERY KIND.
poor mamas.

our girlies like soothies.
they're the funny looking circle ones.

what i like about them is they're all one solid piece of rubber stuff.
so no nooks and crannies to get bacteria stuck in forever.
and the funny holes are there in case your baby {amazingly and scarily} fits the whole thing in their mouth, they'll still have air holes to breathe.
crazy, i know.

food + food stuff

we use this formula.
their doctor recommended it, so that's what we use.
i'd love to switch to a cheaper alternative, but this works so well for them, why mess up a good thing?

{stella is showing off by holding her own bottle. loooooooves it. and perhaps you should also get a nice camera with a 50mm lens to blur out all messes in the background. it's worth every penny.}

{and olivia is showing off her bling. leopard blankie + bling + pink bottle = everything a little miss priss could need, right?}

bottles are expensive.
and there's no way of knowing which ones your baby will like.
i decided to start at the bottom and work our way up.

{but if you watch 16 and pregnant you see all those girls using dr. browns bottles. hahaha. those are like $4/bottle. ummmm, i have twins. not gonna work. well, if they needed those, i would totally buy them. but if they're fine without them, that's great! PLUS those bottles have like 15 parts to them. well not really, but that's more than the 3 parts ours use.}

so we use gerber bottles. $1/bottle. holla!

we kinda like these bibs.
i say kinda because it's wonderful that you can just rinse them off.
but it's not so wonderful when your baby keeps getting the top of the bib stuck in her mouth from slumping in her highchair.
i'm crossing my fingers that they'll like them again.
because this mama is sick of washing bibs everyday.

since my babies are baby food snobs {they only like what i make} i puree their steamed or boiled food in my cuisinart and put them into these:

OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray, White/Green

baby food freezer tray

the tray has curved cubes so they come out easily.
this is great if you need to freeze small amounts of food.
now that the girls are eating more, i might buy larger silicone cube trays.
i dunno, we'll see.
but for now these work and 3/4 oz fits in each cube.
so it's easy to determine how much your baby is actually eating.

NUK Gerber BPA Free Bunch-A-Bowls With Lids, 4 Pack, Colors May Vary

we like these food bowls because they go from freezer to fridge to microwave or whatever really well.
so far they haven't leaked.

Munchkin Snack Dispenser
food and snack dispenser

since the girls aren't really eating snacks yet, i use this to dispense formula or rice cereal on the go.
the little hole is smaller than a bottle opening so it's pretty much mess-free.
{and why does formula powder have to be so sticky? it's gross. and the white powder gets everywhere! you'd think i'd have a crack making kitchen with all the white powder that gets on my counters when i don't use this thing or i'm just not being careful. it's ridiculous!}


choosing you diapers is a really personal choice.
who knew, right?

we started with huggies preemie.
they're the only preemie diapers you can buy at target.
once they could fit into newborn, we could experiment.
we tried ALL different kinds.
we had a diaper raffle at my shower and luckily for me, everyone bought us different brands.
some feel softer, some leak faster, it's all trial and error.
for now, we like pampers

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Economy Plus Pack, Size 1, 234 Count

pampers swaddlers
{and yes, my little munchkins are still in size 1}

if you sign up for amazon mom AND their "subscribe and save" promotion, you get 30% off diapers.
we do this because our girls were {and still are} in diaper sizes too small for costco's kirkland brand size 1-2 diapers.
they don't sell newborn diapers at costco.
weird, huh?
oh and with amazon, you don't have to pay tax either.

we use these wipes:

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes - 360ct Refill

and have never looked back.
we've tried the target up & up ones, but i just don't like them. they're thinner and i can't really explain why else i don't like them, i just don't.
maybe the smell?
or the chemicals?
or the chemical smell?
goodness, who really knows. but i just don't like 'em.

when the girls get a little rashie or just some redness, i like to nip it in the bud with this:

butt paste

i dunno why but i like the all natural version.
less chemicals and stuff.

but to make it REALLY effective, you put this OVER the butt paste:

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment, Advanced Therapy, 14 Ounces (396 g) (Pack of 2)

it creates a barrier to keep the butt paste on their skin so it doesn't rub off into the diaper or rinse off with pee.
and DON'T double-dip.
it's kinda gross sticking your hand in the tub, but you have to go a LOT of unpleasant things now that you're a mom so get used to it.
you could use cotton balls or q-tips, but i just use a clean hand.
it's a pain, but it helps get rid of any rash or redness QUICK.


i take baths with the girls several times a week.
we started with the infant tub, but when they started hating that {they always hated it. i'll just say when they started flopping around and scaring me to death} we moved to the big daddy bath.
i take one girl upstairs, fill the tub with bubble bath and climb in.

Johnson's Bubble Bath and Wash, 28-Ounce (Pack of 2)

it smells so good!

we play and then i get down to scrubbing.
we use this body wash:

Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, 15-Ounce Package (Pack of 6)

and then duke brings up the other baby and we swap.
it's fun little family bath time.

i think i've just about covered everything.
let's do somethin' a little different.
have any questions?
ask me.
it doesn't have to be baby related, it can be anything.
just leave a comment and ask.
it'll be some nice feedback.
and almost normal adult interaction.


  1. give us a play by play of a normal day?!! what time do you get up, whats your routine, when is nap time? how know...give us the details :P

  2. Wow $4 for a Dr Brown bottle- I have to pay $17 per bottle here- this is why I only have 11 of them- lots of sterilising all the time!!!

  3. I love that we have so many common things for our little ones! I second these items - wonderful.

    Here's the question that I'm still trying to figure out... How in the heck do you have time to run an Esty shop AND raise twinfants?! You amaze me girl.

  4. I prefer Baby Magic baby wash, but agree with all your recommendations.

    Your twins are adorable.

    I cam over from the duplex. Monica was in my ward before I moved from Knoxville.


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