Friday, June 17, 2011

random friday: take sixteen!

there's a LOT going on today.
the girls and i are going swimming at auntie a's house.
like in a REAL pool.

i already have the inflatable sunshade thing ready to go.
i've got their swimsuits and swim diapers...
sunscreen and swim hats....
my goodness it takes a lot of preparation.


i hope you all entered in the candy kirby designs giveaway at under the sycamore!
if not, you have until tonight.
 go here.
the have already been 452 entries!


little olivia is such a goofy little girl.
she's not quite ready to be rolling around all over the place like her sister.
she's perfectly content just hangin' out.


father's day is this weekend!
it will be duke's first father's day.
he got a matching iphone as his gift.
he's addicted to it.
it's MUCH better than the blackberry!


i'm making mac and cheese right now.
i'm SO excited to eat it.
 i might just eat it ALL myself.
mac and cheese as brunch?
totally weird.


i made the girls some pear baby food last night and they ate TONS of it today.
like 4 ounces.
{that's a lot}

i kinda wish i had something super fun and interesting to share, but i'm kinda all out.
i've been making the girls "security" blankets this week.
they're minky and satiny and wonderful.
are they for them or are they for me?


happy father's day weekend!

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