Friday, June 3, 2011

random friday: take fourteen!

ok, so another friday is here.
husband had monday off, so i would've sworn today is thursday if i didn't look at my calendar.
{and let's face it, the only reason i looked at the calendar is because i wanted to know when the girls' 6 month doctor's appointment is!}

that's right, my babies are 6 months old.
officially half a year.
and they spend their half birthday at.....

yes, i am sad to say.
delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.
it just so happened their was a "buy 10 wings get 10 wings free" deal.
and husband can't shy away from a deal. or wings.
so when he jokingly said, "let's go to hooters today!" and i actually replied, "sure," he was quite surprised.
i know his love for wings, so why not?

but the CRAZIEST thing happened while we were there.
i was sitting at our table, holding stella, eating a wing.....and over my right shoulder, well, back really.....i see a pair of hands and arms reaching for my baby!
"oh! i see you're trying to eat! let me take her for you!"

uh, what?

"she's so cute! i can see you're struggling to eat! i'll hold her for you! it's been a long time since my babies were that little! i don't have any babies in my child care anymore and i just LOVE babies! i wish we could've had more but i had a HYSTERECTOMY two years ago! i'm just sitting back there, letmeholdherforyou! whatshername? whatshersister'sname? howoldisshe? she'ssoadorable! blahblahblah."

she wouldn't shut up.
she was nice, but TOTALLY creepy.
ummmm, no, stranger, you CANNOT hold my baby.
and stop touching her hands.
what the ?


we went to the mall and i forgot their headbands in the car.
i HATE not having headbands on them.
"how old is you little boy and little girl?"
but my girls to travel in style.....

i don't know how many times i've heard, "i've never seen a stroller like THAT before!"
and it doesn't always sound like a good thing.
but thank you, katie, for saying we're a train of cute!


we took the girls up to visit husband's parents 3 hours away over the long weekend.
we actually did pretty good!
big stroller, 2 pack'n'plays, 2 suitcases, dog, crate, bottles, food, all fit!
it's a good thing i got my mother's talent in packing.

so while we were there my father-in-law wanted to spoon feed stella.
i brought along some gerber good that had been given to me {thanks caralee!} so i wouldn't have to pack an ice chest with the food i make for them.
well, let's just say there was more food on my father-in-law than in stella's tummy.
she hated it.
so, lesson learned mommy.
sweet potatoes made by mommy and gerber are NOT the same in stella's eyes.


to make myself even MORE hippie, i made this wrap for the girls...

i totally wish i would've done it sooner.
like when they were 5 pounds and still to small to fit in their baby bjorn.
{the minimum weight requirement is 8 pounds.}
because i just improvised and used my cami....

she totally loved it.

but back to the hippie wrap.
so, i wore livie in it and she loved it.
i wore stella in it and she loved it.
but why not both?
so i looked up directions on how to tie this thing for twins.
no such luck.
so i improvised.
and then i came up with this.

totally funny, right?
this is for extreme two babies wanting to be held while screaming on a plane?
{can you tell i'm still scared for next month's solo parent plane ride?}

i was in joanns {the fabric store aka HOME} and this sweet girl said how much she liked my hippie wrap.
"it's so cute!" she said.
"why thanks," i replied. and then i continued to gab on about how you can buy them for $30-$40 bucks and all it is is stretch cheap.
i bought 5 yards of cotton stretch jersey {3% lycra i think} and made sure it was 60" wide.
then i cut it into thirds lengthwise, making three 20" wide, 5 yards long pieces.
and that's it.
it's like the easiest thing ever.
no sewing, nothin'.
jersey doesn't fray...and it even rolls a little on the edges, so no one will notice jagged or crooked scissor marks.
so there's my cheap knock-off moby wrap or sleepy wrap.
you can also breastfeed with it.
if i was still doing it {sigh} then that's probably the way i'd go! especially in public.

{and if anyone is interested, i have one more gray one for $18}


once you have kids, you want to buy them everything.
at least that is the case for the mister and i.
we were in pottery barn kids and he looked at me and said, "i just want to buy them EVERYTHING!"
i'll admit, it made my heart melt a little bit.
i thought it was just me!

i was on etsy the other day and saw this shop.
i want e v e r y t h i n g in her shop.
like ALL of it.
man, etsy is SO dangerous.

i bought the girls some super cute dolls a couple of months ago.
i want more {of course} but i can't afford to buy them.
so i made my own.

mine is on the right.
now i know what i need to do to perfect my pattern.
my next one will be cuter!


this blog asked me to be a part of a house tour.
i still think she asked the wrong person, but whatever, i'm going with it!
so as i was taking pictures of the backyard, it reminded me of this picture....

...the wall, not the bike.
that was the cinderblock wall over 2 years ago.
look at it now...

crazy different!


have a great weekend!

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  1. omgoodnes i remember when i took that pic of Livie in your top!!!! she was such a little baby kitten!!!!! i cant wait to see you all next month!!!

    btw...what did you say to the lady that wanted to hold the babies???


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