Friday, June 10, 2011

random friday: take fifteen!

the other night husband and his buddy brad fed the girls.
 husband has done this plenty of times, but brad has never spoon fed a baby before. 
i was washing dishes, making bottles and cleaning the kitchen, but i couldn't help but capture this moment:

so funny.
perhaps not to you, but it was to us.


last night husband and i went and played tennis.
we rode our bikes to our old high school.
the bike ride in itself felt like such a workout.
i had a flat tire.
but i made it work.

it was SO MUCH FUN.
my sister and her husband watched the girls.
the girls only had about 40 minutes left before bed time, but they all still had fun.
it felt good to actually workout.
i've run with the girls in the jogging stroller, but for like 100 feet.
i'm not really a big runner.
so this was my first real workout since having the babies.
killer, but great.

it felt like such a fun date.
i was looking forward to it alllllll day.
and it totally lived up to my funny mental expectations.
and then i got us in'n'out.
isn't that what you do after working out?
get a hamburger, cheese fries and a shake?
mmmmmm it was GOOD.


i sold 11 diaper covers on wednesday.
that's a big deal to me!
so thank you to everyone that has passed along the word of my little shop, to those that have purchased and to those that have helped me along the way.
this little thing is growing and helping me provide for my family.


yesterday i took the girls out to the backyard and took their 6 month pictures.

oh, they're so cute.
i am beyond lucky and blessed to finally have them in my life.


i listened to eat, pray, love while i was working upstairs yesterday and now i want to speak italian.
isn't it so beautiful?
this one guard whispered something in italian in my ear when we were at the vatican.
what did he say?
it was very strange.
maybe i don't want to know what he said.
but italian is bbbeeeaaauutttiiifffuull.
now i want to eat some pasta.


ok, gotta go work now and go back to the fabric store!
{i swear the all must know me by know, it's kind of ridiculous.}


  1. In'n'out should be incorporated into all workout routine.

    Also, they're getting so big! And so cute!

  2. Oh, Brad has a future in this baby-feeding routine . . . love the pictures and congrats on all those diaper covers you are making - they are awesome!

  3. Your shop IS the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

  4. I want to speak Italian too! It is a gorgeous language!!

  5. i can help you with your Italian if you like, I'm enlish but have been living in italy for the past 13 years!! it's a hard language to learn but it is very beautiful!!

    by the way i love seeing your photos on IG and checking out your blog, Stella and Olivia are gorgeous!!

    =) Linda


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