Monday, June 13, 2011

our weekend

warning: picture overload!

yes, i'm totally that mom that knows thinks my kids are the cutest things ever.

we went to the farmer's market on friday and broke out the baby bjorn carriers...

it's kind of amazing all of the looks we get.
people stare, people point, people TOUCH! <--- yeah, touching = not okay.
it's one thing if we know you, it's another if you're a complete stranger.
and it's even more creepy if you do it while we're still walking.
like a weird baby caress.
ummmm, no please!

it also reached 90* and i broke out the ghetto pool to go "swimming" with the girls for the first time.

stella is very excited about it...

...but would not smile for the camera.
she loved it though.
but what was VERY surprising was how much her little sister loved it.

she just finally started to like BATHS like 2 weeks ago.
the water was kinda cold, but it didn't even phase her.

my little ballerina.
i LOVE those chubby thighs.
she doesn't really look like she's 12 pounds, does she?
not with those thunder thighs!

funny story about her swimsuit...i had to take it IN.
i bought the smallest size in that style and it was so big.
silly me for thinking my 6 month old would fit into a 6 month size swimsuit.
so i turned it inside out and sewed up the sides.
now it fits!

my little dolphin...

...but apparently all of that fun really takes a lot out of you...

i couldn't get her to sleep in church on sunday.
so we came home and she STILL wouldn't sleep.
apparently she just needed a little mommy cuddle time...

and meet betsy!

i finished making her this weekend and named her after my dear cousin betsy that is away in the army.
when betsy learned of our fertility issues 5 years ago, she offered to be a surrogate {if we needed it}.
ummmm, really?!
she offered me her uterus.
if that's not love, i don't know what is.
so now our little girls will have a doll named after a sweet girl that will always be a part of their lives.

as if i don't have enough stuff to do, i keep making more of these dolls!
i'm already thinking of the next one.
they have 4 already, perhaps i should stop?!


  1. OMG!!!! i just love the little Livvy smile in her bathing suit!!! So cute :)
    Stella's hair is getting so long!
    Love the post!

  2. I totally want that cute doll! When are they going up in the shop?

  3. What a lovely Monday post Ern! They just get cuter and cuter, how is that even possible!!!!!


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