Tuesday, May 24, 2011

who runs out of cellos?

 here are the camera pics of the craft room/studio/spare room...

new fan!

i hope it stays this clean for at least 2 weeks.
*crossing fingers*
{update: it's been 3 days and it's already not this clean. sigh. but good news! i added some bunting flags. i LOVE them. they're so happy. maybe i'll add some to the shop!}

look at these little cuties!

they're so sweet.
i added some  f a b u l o u s  new shelves to their room...

looooove them.
and yes, there are 3 olivia books.
and 2 stella books.
and the best part?
the shelves were only $15 each.
they're 45" long...so that's cheap.
gotta love me some ikea.
so if you want some, they are the RIBBA picture ledge.
they don't sell them online so you'll have to actually go to the store.
bummer, i know, but SO worth it!

i've been wanting to put open-facing bookshelves up for a LONG time, but hadn't found a very cost-effective option until i came across these babies.

i'm stocking up.
there are even 4 more boxes you aren't seeing.
we go through a lot of formula.
NOT my plan, but i'm rolling with it.
wanna show you care?
buy me formula.

sometimes i think there should be a camera crew catching my crazy life on camera.
like when the jerk dad at target said to me, "you have twins? ugh, i'm sorry."
or when i went to the fabric store and hit my head on the trunkie thing that lifts on the back of SUVs.
and i checked my head for blood like 10 times.
and then as i stumbled to get stella out of the car....i step in gum. with BOTH shoes.
and stick to the asphalt.
and almost fall onto the car parked next to me.
and my head is throbbing.
and i hear someone say..."do you have TWINS??"
no, i just have two babies that are the exact same weight and height.

on saturday we all went to the music store because i am crazy and wanted to rent a cello.
i'm being serious.
i was so excited!
major bummer when they told me they didn't have any to rent me.
who runs out of cellos??
little teenaged jerks looked at me like i was completely nutso.
what's crazy about a 27 year old woman with her husband and twin babies in tow wanting to rent a cello?
now i know i'm not going to be the next yoyo ma and i may be 20 years to late in trying this, but who cares?
give me some more crazy, please.
i guess i love the chaos and not having enough time in the day to finish everything.
you only live once, right?

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  1. I have a couple extra formula coupons that I've never used... want them? I'd be happy to throw them in the mail if you want them!


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