Friday, May 13, 2011

random friday: take thirteen!

happy friday!

i have found the most amazing snack EVER.




ohmygoodness it's amazing.

try it.
you'll be hooked.


i added these to the shop:

if you want one, now's your chance!


i have been wanting an iphone  f o r e v e r
but we have verizon, so i've had to wait.
and wait.
and wait.
and now verizon has it.
i've been wanting to wait until the iphone 5 comes out, but that won't be for at least 6 more months and my phone is on it's last leg.
half of the buttons don't light up.
no texting at night for me!
so the husband has bought me a fabulous gift for my first real mother's day.


{now we're twinners, lala!}

we  l o v e  everything apple {we've had 4 macs over the years} and this is just SO overdue.
oh, enough talking about a silly cell phone.
{but really, thanks babe!}


the curtains are done!

i LOVE them.
they take a lot of time, but they look so well in the space.
the cost like $30 to make {that's it!!} but take hours to make.


this one STILL loves to sleep in her corners.
funny little girl!


there has been something totally bothering me.
so sometimes i watch crappy tv, especially when i am too lazy tired to put in a dvd or bring up netflix on the ps3.
two of the regulars are 16 and pregnant and pregnant in heels.
{you know you watch crap tv too}
both shows about women/girls who shouldn't get pregnant.
ok, maybe some should, but that's not my point.
for the ones that have C-SECTIONS....
how come the are laying in bed on their sides....
in a rocking chair....
walking around, practically skipping...


what kind of c-section did they get?
i'm assuming it's the same kind i had, i mean, there's only one kind, right?
and what the heck kind of drugs are these women on??!!

because let me tell you, i looked like a MAJOR hot mess mommy the day after having the girls.
the 2nd time i did my laps around the postpartum ward {the 2nd day there} i seriously almost blacked out.
i'm talking wheelchair, water, nurses, damp washcloths, nursing students fanning me......seriously.
i got screwed!


sometimes i forget what day it the middle of the day.
since i don't have a "job" where i really need to know the days, sometimes i get a little mixed up.
i knew i was getting my iphone on a wednesday.
wednesday morning came, i was so happy! i was getting my phone! it was wednesday!
then wednesday afternoon came around.
i got a phone call from an old coworker at the bank.
she mentions being at the bank.
she only works monday, wednesday, friday.
i was SO confused as to why she was at the bank. i mean, come on, it's tuesday!
so i say, "it's tuesday! why are you working???"
yeah, she set me straight.
"erin, it's wednesday."
ooooooooh yeah.

how did i forget that??

you're lucky i remembered today is friday!



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  1. My drivers license photo is from the day after I had Taylor because it was expiring. Yeah I can't wait to replace that memory :)


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