Saturday, May 21, 2011

random friday: saturday edition

so yes, i'm totally lame and am doing a random friday post on a saturday morning.
i just couldn't bring myself to do it yesterday!
{sorry amy!}
my did sister amy lives out-of-state and i know she's like the 2nd person that looks forward to these posts.
the first is my mom.
you've got to keep the family happy, right?


so every since i got my iphone, i've been taking cell phone pictures like crazy.
and i mean crazy.
we have the instagram app to thank for most of these.

who, me?

the twinnies hanging out in stella's crib after they decided to wake me up.

sleeping stella.
she was snoring!
{a first for her!}

yes, my almost 6 month-old is swaddled.
and she hasn't been swaddled in like 4 months.
she doesn't like to sleep on her tummy anymore!
oh and i've added some of these muslin swaddling blankets to the shop.

she's still ok with her tummy.
and her corner.

sometimes i just sit and listen to their sleepy little baby sounds.


the girls love their jumperoo.
this picture is blurry because she wouldn't stop jumping!

and then when you party so hard in your jumper, this is what happens...

she loves that jumper.
she even jumps WHILE she sleeps.


i have been on project re-organization this week.

when the husband and i were first married, we had like 5 different mismatched sets of silverware.
it's was SO not cottage chic.
so i finally asked for some new silverware for my birthday from my parents {lame, i know, but i'm practical now. kinda} and i finally got around to getting a REAL silverware holder.

i know.
but i love it.
and it's organized!
the one we had before didn't fit half of the silverware.
and now it's pretty!

and my little studio/spare room upstairs was getting a little out of hand in messiness.

exhibit a:

exhibit b:

exhibit c:

noooooooooooot organized at all.
so i tackled that.
i wanted all of that fabric OFF of the floor.
it took some serious time cleaning and organizing that place.
but now it's done and fabulous.

cell phone pics again. sorry. i'll upload the pretty ones later.
but now i'm ready for world domination, right?


stella is ready to go swimming.

i still need to take in her swimsuit. i bought these ages ago, figuring my little november babies would need the 6-9 months size for summer.
they are still in 0-3 clothes.
alterations are in order!
{the store i bought them from doesn't make their suits any smaller}


the other day the girls and i ran some errands.
the bank, the fabric store, the baby store...the usual.
i wore them OUT!

can i please have stella's lips?

she was happy to go to church.
but this one, not so much....

she was just not happy about being awake during her nap time.
i have to hold her the WHOLE time at church to keep her from fussing.
does that sound like a complaint?
it's not.
i totally love it.


the girls got some new books.

AND some open faced book shelves that i can't wait to put up this weekend!
thank you, ikea.


have a great weekend!
maybe go buy yourself some shoes?



  1. I love your closet - it looks better than I ever imagined! You're pretty sinkin amazing! The girls are getting so big . . . miss them . . . see you all soon!

  2. Saturdays Editions are AWESOME!!!! i looOOOoooooVE all the pics! Jason says if he knew you'd be sweatshoping IN your closet he would have made it nicer :)

  3. Wow. Its girls like you who give me etsy anxiety. Your craftiness totally puts me to shame. Girl, that is one serious craft room! Holy sewing machine!

    PS Dead sleeping baby is making me LOL for real.


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!