Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i've been MIA, i know...

i've been making curtains.
does that sound exciting? cause it's not.
it's SO boring.
and it takes SO long.
but i know it will be SO worth it when i'm done.

this whole mommy thing takes so much time!
dear stella has been crying any time i put her down since yesterday.
what's her deal?
maybe she just wants some mama love?

to prove that i haven't totally fallen off the face of the earth, go to my photography blog HERE and see some pics i took of stephen and sarah.
they were taken in the field of our old house....well, some of them were. my favorites were taken there.

AND my bff amanda is graduating from college with her BSN and i took some there for her last night. they aren't edited yet, but i barely have to touch them because she's SO BEAUTIFUL.


told you.
you hate her too, huh?

ok, i'm going to finish those blasted curtains.
'til next time!

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