Friday, April 8, 2011

random friday: take ten

i'm so excited for spring!
i love spring.
woohoo for easter.
the girls are going to have the cutest easter baskets ever!
their first dolls, bunny ears, baby's first easter bibs....cute stuff.
i'll post pictures when it's done, don't worry!


my last post i talked about cleaning like a nesting pregnant lady....
{i'm not pregnant}
and i have a confession to make.

it's bad.

and embarrassing.

that was the FIRST time i have ever scrubbed my tile floors.


i've spot cleaned...and mop cleaned...but never on all fours scrubbing and scouring every inch of the tile and grout.
i even wore husband's volleyball knee pads.
they didn't really help.
my knees are still red.
but my floors look fantastic!


is it crazy that i've already thought about having more babies?
yeah, it's crazy.
and i want more!
but i need a bigger house.
OR just get even MORE creative about storage.


i need to get my hair trimmed.
i've been saying that since last summer.
why won't i just get it done??


the girls like lady gaga.
last night i was going to pick up the latest baby toy for this baby house and they were f-u-s-s-y!
so i turned up some lady gaga and asleep they went.
no more tears :)
maybe a little appalling, but they love noise.


we're going to visit my parents in utah this summer.
if i said i wasn't scared about that flight i would be totally lying.
oh, and i'm going by myself. with two babies. on their first plane ride.
let's just hope you aren't on that plane with us staring at us with dagger eyes.
i'm totally going to be that mom that takes 10 years to go through security and has the bajillion of bags that she's trying to stuff everywhere.
oh man.


my dadderoo is coming to see the girls this weekend!
he hasn't seen them since they were 3 weeks old.
he's been in pakistan.
and my mom has been here with me since october!
that's why i'm {mostly} still sane.


check out these adorable little twinnies...i can't WAIT until mine develop their own little twin language!

i'm totally in for it, aren't i?

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  1. Our whole house has tile floors and I have one word for you... steamer... best purchase ever!


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