Friday, April 15, 2011

random friday: take eleven

good morning ya'll.
this week has FLOWN by.
i thought today was thursday.

i have been really busy getting the shop stocked. i am promoting my website/shop on a super duper popular blog in june and need to have some cool, fun stuff made.

and i'm even making BOY stuff.
i have the h a r d e s t time picking out boy fabric, you have no idea.
so i really did get some masculine fabric to make some diaper covers, i promise.
and it's not like truck/construction/frogs kinda stuff.
it's cool stuff.
i had to really picture myself having a boy and what i would want to dress him in JUST to be in the mindset to buy boy fabric.
sounds really lame, i know.
every other time i've gotten boy fabric, it has polka dots or the uber popular trellis design and could be seen as a little feminine.
but this boy fabric is ALL boy.
seersucker and suiting with pinstripes.
it's opened a whole new world to me.
AND i even got most of it for like $1.95/yd.
now if only i can find it...



i just bought this book in hopes of actually taking the time to read it.
i hear it's good.
wish me luck on that one!!


i sold my dining room curtains yesterday.
these ones to be exact....

i was just OVER the damask.
i've had them since we built the house 3.5 years ago.
i feel like that's a long time to have the same curtains, considering i've painted my living room 5 times already.
and i'm not exaggerating.
and i did it myself.
and i'm crazy. the new curtains are going to be striped.
and machine washable.
that's what i'm most excited about.
now if only the fabric will get here so i can make them!


i dropped a butter knife on my foot last night.
right on top where it's SUPER bony.
i can barely walk.
who knew a butter knife could do so much damage??
or a knitting needle??
i wonder what the story is about that second needle.
...maybe i don't want to know.


so with my bum foot i'm going to attempt to take the girls out and get some pictures in an orchard.
everyone does pictures in the orchards around here and i feel like it's my spring time duty.
although i'm too late to get the blossoms, it's all good, it'll still be pretty.
wish me luck, my friends!
happy weekending!


  1. I'm so glad you got masculine boy fabric! I NEVER put Trent in the truck/construction/frog stuff..not my style. I see some baseball fabric, that's perfect! Basically all of Trents baby stuff was sports sports sports so I super like your fabric choice :)

  2. I liked water for elephants...but there were a couple pages/paragraphs worth skipping...just a heads up. those circus people can be a little, uh, inappropriate. enjoy it if you get to it!


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