Wednesday, April 27, 2011


easter was kinda crazy for us.
church during nap time + both sets of grandparents + lunch over at my sissy's house {also during nap time} = babies that won't sleep.

they slept for about 15 minutes like this...

precious, right?

then liv woke up screaming BLOODY MURDER and wouldn't let her sister sleep.
don't they know that we bought them a pack'n'play especially for this event?
and that i pulled out my favorite amy butler fabric and QUILTED them a fitted sheet for it?


more proof that they DON'T sleep well together.
{i have since got a second pack'n'play for the next event. now i just have to make another quilted fitted sheet! the sewing NEVER ends!}

they looked SO cute in their easter dresses and feathered headbands...and i didn't get pictures!
i might just have to recreate our outfits again to take pictures...

BUT, i did get pictures of their baskets that the easter bunny brought them.

stella's basket is on the left...olivia's on the right.
they have little look alike dolls!
i know it's going to be a while before they can play with them, but i couldn't help it. the dolls are so precious!

and you want to see more precious?

look at this little ham...

she was all smiles for bunny ear pictures.

her sister, not so much.

love that little drama baby.
she'll totally hate me for taking {and keeping} these pictures and showing them to everyone.
that's just part of being a kid, right?

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  1. LOL!!! when one is sunny, the other is rainy!!! so funny........


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