Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100th post

so, this is supposed to be some kind of accomplishment, right?
100 posts?
i kinda feel like it is.
how funny that my first post was on november 30, 2008 and exactly 2 years later i had my babies...weird.
here is a little re-cap of two of the cutest little babies...

{1st month photos by stephanie ryan photography}

yeahyeahyeah this has turned into an "i love my babies" blog.
but aside from making clothes/bows/other stuff, they're the one thing i do the most.
they're my job.
the best job, but still my job!

and they're little!
4 month check-up today and they are in the 10th percentile for height and weight!
my little lambs!
11lbs 1 oz and 11lbs 11oz.
both are 23in. long.
and they are just now starting to fill into their 0-3 month clothes.
little, little lambs.

i made two of these little goodies for them the other night.
one for mommy and one for daddy...

loooooves it.
{if you'd like one, they're in the shop}

but what i love even more are these two together...

taking these pictures i had a slight flash forward to her teenage years with the eye rolling and being a tad annoyed that her daddy just wants to love on her.

have you died of picture overload yet?
i had to make-up for my heavy lacking the last few weeks.

have you seen this picture?

this is actually my kitchen and dining room.
oh, that's not obvious?
is that because there is a load of crap fabric all over everything?
well, now it's CLEAN.
like, super clean.
like SO CLEAN that if i didn't know better, i'd say i was nesting.
so i have moved all of that stuff upstairs after it being all over my whole kitchen and dining room for weeeeeeeeks....months probably.
you know how time flies.
so now i'm back upstairs and i couldn't be happier.
now i can just shut the door to my messiness.
but really, i'm going to *try* to keep it tidy.
much easier said than done.

now just check out my little super hero...

what? don't all girls wear spiderman band-aids after getting shots?

happy 100th post, yo!


  1. Happy 100th blog!!!! its ok that its a i love my babies blog because i love seeing them! Thanks for the posts!

  2. i love your blog and i love your 100th post. You make life with twins look like a dream. they're dolls. :)

  3. Yah! Happy 100!! I love your blog - always so cute - the posts, pics, layout... its got it all. Maybe by my 100th post I'll be like you... not likely, but I can dream. :)

    The girls are getting cuter and cuter with every month :)


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