Friday, March 18, 2011

random friday: take nine

i can't believe it's "take nine" already!

ok, so there has been a revolution in our house this week.
what kind of revolution?
a BOB revolution!

that's a serious stroller.
i've been drooling over thinking about getting one for the girls, but i couldn't in my right mind pay over $600 for it. {it's msrp}
so, i found one on CL for half that.
actually, i found like TWO {no one sells them on there!!} and this one was still available.
i had to drive all the way to the navy base to get it, but it was well worth it!
the girls seem to like it, but in their defense, they'd probably only dislike a cardboard box with wheels.
so now i have to be active.
no excuse.


i have been o b s e s s e d with ruffles this week.
like MORE than usual.
i'm putting them on everything!
i haven't taken pictures of it all yet, so i guess you'll have to check back next week.
let me just say though, the diaper cover i made is to DIE FOR cute.
the weather just needs to get a little warmer for the girls to wear it...
i need to make more!
my trial run pair looks pretty good, but i already know where i need to make improvements.
mustard yellow + gray + ruffles = the cutest thing ever.


since i had babies, i haven't really gone anywhere.
last week we went to cathys valley to visit my aunt and cousins.
it took like 2 hours.
i was dying!
i complained.
a lot.
sorry, mom.
then, funny thing, my cousin asks, "how was the drive???"
i say, "ummmmmm.....fine."
she says, "yeah?"
i say, "ok, ok. IT TOOK F O R E V E R! it's SOOOOOOO FAR!"

then they say, "really erin, it's not that far!"
then i say, "yeah, but i don't go farther than riverpark*!!"

{*riverpark = giant shopping complex 15 minutes away.}

it was funny...maybe you had to be there.
but i'm so glad we went to spend some time with my lovely family.
this time of year it looks like ireland over green and beautiful.
it would be so wonderful if it weren't SO FAR AWAY!


ok, off to sew.
i need to send out some rompers.
and make a LOT more diaper covers for the girls.
i think they will be their official uniform this summer.
diapers and diaper covers.
let's see how tan stella gets!
and how white olivia stays!

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  1. looking forward to getting behind that stroller with papa!


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