Friday, March 11, 2011

random friday: take eight

girl scout cookies are out.
i love me some caramel delites.
thin mint really is my favorite, but you can get those all year round with the copy cat known as grasshoppers.
{i totally have a box residing on my nightstand as we speak}


the shop is doing so well!
thank you for looking/buying!
the good thing with making so many rompers is i have the opportunity to perfect my pattern.
i've changed elastic....changed stitches....changed the top...they're perfect now.
perfect for embellishments!
that will be coming next.
i have some silk on the way and i'm getting excited...
i also added a new item.

teething necklaces!

they're for mama to wear and baby to chew on.
look how cute?

they are available in the shop.


i made some new rompers for the girls and put them to nap on my bed so i could get some pictures of them together, cause i have like 3 of them together.
so we all know that we look at blogs for pictures.
so here's some pictures.

i ♥ them.
they're so much fun.


i think the husband and i are going to go out of town for our 7 year wedding anniversary.
and i think we're not taking the girls.
and i think we'll be gone for TWO nights.
maybe one.
it kinda freaks me out just thinking about it.
i dunno.
i dunno!!!
one night or two??
{enter hyperventilating}


the girls are going to be eating solids in less than 3 weeks!
i find that pretty crazy.
and what else is pretty crazy is that i let stella taste a cookie.
not really.
i was eating a caramel delite and playing with stella on my lap.
so i put the cookie on her lips for like a SECOND.
and then i ate it.
but she licked her lips and ssssmmmmiiiilllllleeeeeddddd all big like that.
ohmygoodness it was cute.
she's going to be a sugar freak like her mama, i know it.
{don't worry, she's not gonna have diabetes or anything like that, i'm a strict mama...}


ok, time to cut and sew.
i made this bib for the baby bjorn last night, it's so cute and practical!
i'll take a picture of it when the girls are awake and one of them can model it.
babies drool...and i don't want their drool all over the bjorn....ewwww.
so i made a bib/slipcover thing for the top where they drool...easily removable for washing.
now i need to make more!
2 babies + 3 baby bjorn carriers + 1 drool bib = not enough.

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