Thursday, March 31, 2011

oh my, the challenges

to say this week has been a little challenging would be an understatement.
i think my babies are teething.
they just turned 4 months old yesterday!
the non-stop crying is not fun.
this morning hasn't been too bad, but then i fell down the stairs.
my poor bum.

my sewing machine decided to break on me. again.
that's the ooonnneee thing right now that calms me down and makes me feel productive.
this is so not ideal.
so what am i doing to remedy this?
ripping out the front yard and re-doing it.
well, part of it.
i tried to work with the plants the builder put in.
and i'm sooooo over it.
so out they go.
and in case you have spies out there, yes, that was me at lowe's last night...20 minutes before yoga pants and i'm sure a spit-up on t-shirt....buying out their japanese boxwoods.
boy am i glamourous.
i'm not always a mess, i promise.
like when i dropped off my machine at the repair shop, i looked nice!
skinny jeans, flowy blouse, skinny belt, knee high boots, MAKE-UP...i can get it together!

now if i could only de-clutter this baby house!!!

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  1. You're allowed to be a mess sometimes lol you have twin babies! Good luck with the decluttering, I'm still trying to figure that out :)


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!