Friday, March 25, 2011


no random friday today.
today the mr. in my life deserves his very own post.

2555 days ago i married my best friend.

2555 days.
that's s e v e n years.
seven of the best years of my life, especially this last one.
we cried, fought and struggled for so long to bring our baby girls here and now they are finally here!
it still feels so surreal.
especially when we took our first family photograph in the hospital room.
and when we brought them home for the first time and just watched them sleep in their car seats under the christmas tree.
and when we went out for our first walk.
and gave them their first baths.
and when earl gave them the most beautiful blessings i have ever heard.

i still can't believe it's real because it's so wonderful.

you know how your face hurts from smiling so much on your wedding day?
the joy, the endless photographs, the happiness of finally being sealed to your best friend...
well, that's me.
my face hurts from smiling so much at my baby girls.
i have the most generous, loving husband that works so hard so i can be at home and play with our baby girls all day.
it is truly a huge blessing.

i am so happy i met and married the love of my life.

i love you more than words can express, duke!
thank you for giving me the best 7 years of my life!

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