Friday, February 11, 2011

random friday: take four

happy friday!
the hubs has been out-of-state on business and comes home tonight!
i'm sick of all that traveling.
he's been gone 17 days out of the last 25.
so. over. traveling.
{i haven't been allowed to mention it here or on fb because of said husband's fear of goblin home invasions or its equivalent. luckily, future traveling should be considerably less.}


the twins have been sick this week.
that means i'm a constant baby-holding-humidifier-filling-never-sleeping-hardly-eating mommy.
my poor babies were congested, wheezy, cranky, fussy little girls.
but they seem to be doing better this morning.
and they slept MUCH longer than they did the night before.
i was up almost every hour that night.
like my girlfriend lauren said on my fb page, "babies should be immune from germs!"
i SO totally agree.


i have had TWO bow orders this week! {thankyouthankyouthankyou amanda!}
AND i sold my camera.
double woohoo!
now i'm gettin' closer to my nikon d7000.
i've even convinced the husband. i think. *fingers crossed!*


i have hemmed 7 pairs of pants this week for husband.
i HATE hemming pants.
BUT i'll do whatever it takes to make him happy.
plus i promised him a while ago i'd do it.
and my sewing machine needs to earn it's keep!
{and maybe i do too. haha.}


the granny stripe blanket is progressing!
i'm already on the yellow in my rainbow.
it doesn't sound like i've done a lot, but i have.
it was really NOT fun in the beginning.
but once i mastered the chain, double crochet and treble crochet, it became A LOT easier.
we made a visit out to my grandmother's farm for lunch and a crochet lesson.
the girls were rockin' their onesies, leg warmers and giant bows like champs.
no pictures though.
bummer for us.
need. new. camera. now.


and here is a little shout-out to my foreign followers.
hellllllllllllo! {hand-waving}
i seeeeeeeee you!
thanks for stopping by.
how did you guys find me?
i never thought that my blog would reach anyone in north korea or russia.
that's pretty freaking cool in my book.


i wonder if they really even know who each other is?
probably not.
but i'm excited for the day they do.

ok, time to make more bows/crochet/hem more pants.


  1. Erin, so glad to hear the babies are doing better, that Earl will be home soon and I can't wait for some pictures to see what you are crocheting!
    Cousin Denise

  2. Erin, you are my hero. If Josh wasn't here when Abbey was newborn I would have had a nervous break-down. He had to even cancel a campout once to stay home and help me. I can't imagine TWO and them being SICK. wow. I posted this link on facebook, I don't know if you read it but it made me think of your blog.


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!